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Online earning in Canada, 4 ways to earn


Online earning in Canada, 4 ways to earn

Online earning in Canada- Hey guys it's Ki and welcomes back to my website. So in this post I'm gonna be talking about certain things. If you couldn't find a job in Canada as soon as you arrived in Canada.

Online earning in Canada

I know I waited for three months later to find my first job. So I felt that you know. I should make a post of your students and you're sure struggling to find your first job. I thought I should share my own traditions for you guys so before getting started. If you haven't subscribed to my channel yet please make sure you subscribe and follow me on my Instagram.

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So yes let's get started the first thing is you don't need a car to work and make money. I know not everybody can afford a car like not everybody can pay monthly payments like it's crazy. It's really expensive to have a car.

Online earning in Canada

4 ways to earn

  1. Uber eights
  2. Higher up
  3. Rover
  4. Kijiji

Uber eights

Number one is Uber eights I know you guys might have heard people suggesting you do overeat. Let me tell you so basically what all you need is.

You need a bike like a bicycle you can buy a bicycle, you can buy all the helmet equipment all that light. You know well and everything and let's say you cannot even afford to buy a bike.

You can do one thing literally go to downtown Toronto to rent a bike and I think it's really cheap to rent a bike per day. You can rent a bike and so in order to register to do uber eat.

First, you have to download over each app and after that, you have to submit your work pass no study permit that's sick yeah. You need to show your ID. You know any ID proof let's say passport and yeah that's it only does documents you'll be needing while you are applying for uber.

Second is you need a bike obviously and number three is you don't need a license. So many of you whenever I say you can do but it's always used to ask me. If you need a driver's license but yeah you don't need any driver's license any kind of license to ride a bike in Canada.

So yeah I did without any license I myself tried overeat in downtown Toronto. I think I just finished only four trips. So I felt that whenever you don't have a job that is one of the independent ways like you don't need anybody to hire You. It's like you switch on the app like you go online, you take orders you deliver orders that's it the only thing is you should be really careful while doing overseas.

                                         Online earning in Canada

Because no downtown traffic is really crazy but still you will understand you know like when you don't have anything else this is one of the best ways to make money in Canada. Many of you also asked me if this is considered in 20-hour minimum sorry mandated 20 hours for V thing yes.

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So basically when you are doing something like uber or uber eat or left or anything like this you take an HST number. So you when taking the HST number you don't directly pay taxes. Whenever you make money like every week on pre-buy weekly. The thing is when you're filing taxes you have to this HST number and you're gonna pay taxes on your over each.

Also so basically that is how you do and this is yes then you when you go online like you. You know the time you're online right like 20 are working only 20 hours per week is mandatory - will you have to follow if you are in Canada as a student.


Higher up

Number two is higher up when I was a student I never knew about higher up. Recently my cousin told me about this app I mentioned this app in the various posts of mine. Previously so basically what happens is once you download the higher app.

You create your profile you list about yourself like you make your own profile and you do everything. So after that like you find a lot of job postings keep applying for them. Who always have details where you have to go. What you have to do and let's say you're selected they're going to contact you.

Then gonna tell you where you have to go. What you have to do in that particular temporary shift. Okay, so there are so many shifts these days on hire app. I felt so bad because the months I didn't do any kind of part-time job because I couldn't find any. I felt so bad sitting at home doing nothing because I was running out of money.

Online earning in Canada

I used to depend only on my GSE and everything. I wish we had this app in the past two years. But I think they recently you know made this app or something like that. I don't know like I recently came to know about this app.

My cousin also told me that let's say you apply for 10 positions like 10 job postings in that particular hire app. He said that if you don't get for 10 don't just be disappointed because the only reason why they might not select you is you are a new person. That's why but just keep applying you know applying is like very easy.

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You just click one button that's it and you just keep applying until you get it and yeah you can make money. If you don't have a part-time job and I also think that this app is kind of growing these days previously.

I used to see only a couple of shifts on our and now there are so many shifts available. I don't know it's only exclusively for Toronto or anywhere in Canada. I'm not sure but I see shifts only in the downtown throne or something like that. So yeah I think it's growing but still it's like an option right now for you guys. If you don't have a part-time job.




Number three is Rover so there are so many job postings you might see where you can do babysitting. I know there are so many like that where you can do by setting basic. Hey, Rover app is exclusively for pets maybe it's cats or dogs or whatever so.

What you do is you register on the Rover app so first download the Rover app register on the door or create your own profile, submit your documents for verification. My profile is under review waiting for its approval I wish I could dude bicycling because I really love to fetch. So once you get approval that your profile is created and you are verified. Like you are a verified person on the app what you can do is just keep applying for all the postings.

Online earning in Canada

Where you know there are few postings they even pay you $30 an hour if you take their dog for a walk you know take their dog you don't take care of their dog or take that you take care of their cat. So it's basically you can make really good money. If you are doing all these kinds of things on row or app it's a really good way of making money.

I think you get some $20 referral or $50. Let's say you're working on a minimum wage for $14 and you are working only 20 speedy hours. Because that's a rule so you don't even make a hundred thousand dollars a month.

Let's say you are doing a tower overreach and eight hours higher shift. Let's say you are doing like a couple of hours shifts on row rover app. Each and every pace different right so enumerates you don't know how much like minimum. You make more than minimum wage per hour basically and on hire app, it's nearly minimum wage like minimum wage to like one or two dollars.

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Extra maybe per hour per hour and let's say you are a couple of shifts on over for $20 you make $40 right there. So it's like if you combine all these things and if you sum it up to 20 hours per week. Yeah, you make more land those who are making good. You knowledge per hour for 20 hours a week without violating 20 hours per week rule.

You can do so many things but the thing is if you are getting paid every extra more than $14 obviously. You can get a lot of money and you are not even violating any rules so that is how you have to think. You have to search for jobs or anything where they repay you more. Then minimum wage so that is how you have to make money reading this post.



I realized to mention a very important point that so if you are really good at something just post an ad on Kijiji. Let's say you're good at babysitting just post an ad on Kijiji and give your details everybody who is in need of your skill they gonna contact you.

It's not only babysitting you can do anything let's say you are really good at doing eyebrows are doing nails or mehndi or something like that anything is fine just post on Kijiji. Listing your skills your experience of whatever they're gonna contact you and you can give them your own rate.

Online earning in Canada

How much you gonna charge and everything and not only that yeah. that's it for today like I hope you guys found this post useful please don't forget to subscribe to this site and follow me on my Instagram if there is any the different app I discover if there is anything I discover I generally post on my Instagram you can follow me their link is in the comment box and yes I'll see you in my next post bye.

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Online earning in South Africa, Earn 100$ per day


Online earning in South Africa

How to make money online in South Africa? I've been wanting to make this post for so long and I know that South Africans are interested in the topics of online money because not so long ago bitcoin was the number one search term right here in South Africa.

Online earning in South Africa

That's right oh right you in South Africa as an African. It can be tough because we have our own restrictions to deal with when it comes to making money online. So in this video I'm gonna talk about the four ways you can make money online right you in South Africa. Then I'm going to talk about what is the single best way to make money online if you're a South African and especially if you are broke.

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Drop shipping

This business model is really cool basically what you do is you build up a Shopify store around a certain niche. Then what you do is you go to a cheap supply in China, like a website like Aliexpress.

Then you go and find products after extensive research which you think will do well.

You then go and take the images attach that into a store and and treat it as if it's a product that you currently hold. When somebody buys from the store you even go to Aliexpress, purchase the product and they then for full the deal and have it delivered to your customer sounds.

Online earning in South Africa

Simple right the issue is that if you want a dropship to South Africa not only really experience very long waiting times like 27 to 42 days. it's just not practical no South African is gonna wait that long for a product especially when they have take calm. That delivers in two to three days so you might be thinking well why can't I dropship to America Europe.

Well you can do this however once your store is set up you need to send traffic to the store. The only way for you to spend send traffic to the store is to pay for Facebook and Instagram advertising.

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As you know if you're in South Africa spinning rands to get traffic to your store every season dollars or Euros. This is going to be so expensive and just not practical at all.

For this reason I don't think it's the best answer for a South African who wants to make money online.


Affiliate marketing

Now affiliate marketing is the process of earning commission through marketing another person or company's product. But you find a product you like you promote it to others and then you get a commission of every cell that's made at no additional cost to the customer.

Affiliate marketing is basically act like acting as an online bridge. You have a person who needs a certain solution or a solution to their problem. Then you have the product that can do that. You are then going to act as a bridge between the two to put it into perspective.

Some of the largest companies in the world are basically just affiliate marketing websites. Airbnb has the largest inventory of real estate in the entire world get the Erno property. Uber has the largest inventory of taxis and cars yet their own no cars and Facebook is the largest media content platform in the world yet they create no content.

Online earning in South Africa

I think you guys get the idea in order to become a affiliate for any company's product. You simply go to their website scroll to the bottom of their page and there should say something like this become an affiliate or become a partner.

Once you sign up and register they'll give you your unique link that can be tracked to you. Then you can start promoting their product you can then put that link in your Instagram bio, promotes it on YouTube and promote it on your blog.

If somebody clicks on and purchase the product you make money. If you would like seen an example of a affiliate marketing you can actually click the link in my bio to see me marketing the products. That I can't live without him our business and that's something that I use every single day in my business. I do it in a way that rewards the person for using the product.

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Also I rewarded in a way that it solves a person's problem so while there may not be much of a barrier of entry to get started. Affiliate marketing the thing where most people fail is they forget that the need to create a brand and give value first. This is the thing that most people forget to installing affiliate marketing. They go and write a 200 word blog post on the infinite but Chuck 400 affiliate links in their blog post.

It's so easy to spot solve people's problems both an audience both Anish around your passion and then think of ways you can solve people's problems by promoting affiliate products. That is the best way to do it.



Forex isn't something that's new to South Africans and you can actually see South Africans doing Forex all over Instagram. The dudes are constantly flexing the objective of forex trading is to exchange one currency pair for another with an expectation that the price will change in your favor.

If you speculate correctly, if you make money, if you don't you lose money however without a mentor or good experience. When it comes to trading Forex there's a good chance that you're going to lose most of your money.

Online earning in South Africa

It's a commonly known fact in the forex industry that 95% of traders lose their money and quit. So without a mentor by your side or any money to invest in online courses. I don't think this is the best way for South Africans to make money online.


Social media marketing

Then moves us on to the base best way in my opinion for South Africans to start making money on line and this ladies and gentlemen is social media marketing.

So what is social media marketing? Well social media marketing can be split into two parts you have the content management side of social media and then you have the advertising part content management is posting and creating content on a company's behalf. Also involves the community management side which is responding to comments and replying to messages.

The other way is a social media marketing and advertising which is using paid media such as Facebook and Instagram ads to drive traffic to stores to make them more money. I currently own a digital marketing agency that just-just specializes in paid media.

We basically use Facebook and Instagram advertising to make business owners more money. I can tell you this is so so so in demand ladies and gentlemen. The reason why this is so lucrative right now is because business owners don't know how to run profitable ads. They too busy running their businesses to worry about this whole social media.

Online earning in South Africa

Thing please show me one business owner right now that doesn't want to make more money. If you can figure out how paid media works and how you can utilize that to make businesses more money. You'll have a paying customer for a lifetime these businesses will pay retainers of anywhere between seven to fifteen thousand rand depending on the niche and depending on the amounts of results.

You can get them how many of these contracts do you think you need to change your laugh. Well not that many and this is what this is the best part of where it comes in the early stages. While you're learning all about social media marketing and how it works you don't actually need to know everything in the beginning stages.

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If you're completely broke you, pick up the phone you start calling business owners and you get them to agree to have a meeting with you. Once you go and see the business owners you persuade them to invest in your services. Then once you once they've invest in your services then you can find freelancers on a site lock up work or Fiverr to fulfill these services and do them for you.

Now make sure you find freelancers that know what they're doing. Also make sure you find freelancers that will give your customer the best best possible service even take the money that the owners paid you - that what the freelancer charges and the difference you then keep the profit.

You take that profit and you start investing it into books. It's online courses so that you can then better your skills and become valuable. It's very very very important to understand these skills in the beginning. When I was getting started I made sure I understood every single aspect of paid media and social media marketing. So that I could start hiring people who can carry out the tasks that I needed them to do.

I understand that it's a big learning curve to start learning how digital marketing works. But that doesn't necessarily mean that you that you can't get started. So pick up the phone start calling business owners get them to agree to a meeting with you, get them to invest in your services, get them to pay you a fee, find a freelancer for half the price and then keep the profit. Invested into yourself the reason why social media marketing is so amazing is because once you nail it down and you get really good at paid media.

You really are making a difference in these business owners life as you. All know in South Africa is in very very tough economic times and everybody needs more customers. If you can manipulation video marketing and paid media and give these guys more customers you are changing their lives ladies and gentlemen.

As a business owner it makes my job that much more enjoyable and it's good to see that you're making a positive difference in somebody's life. Legend gentleman with that being said that is the best way I think there is to make money online.

To really drive this point home there is really no such thing as easy money.

So I hope this post provides you guys with some value please click the link in my if you're interested in joining my Provident trumpeters group and if you guys are South African and watching this and you're currently making money online drop me a comment in the comment section. I'd love to chat to you guys I'd love to network and I'd love to hear how you guys are making money online and how you have mastered it. If this post provide us any value hit that subscribe button and as always I'll see you guys in the next post.

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WordPress vs blogging, what is best in 2020


WordPress vs blogging, what is best in 2020

WordPress or blogging, So you're thinking about starting a blog but you're not sure if you want to go with WordPress or blogger. In this post I'm gonna talk about the differences between the two.

WordPress vs blogging

Which platform you should use to start your blog. Wordpress vs. blogger which platform should you use to start your blog first I want to talk about WordPress.

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WordPress is if you're in the blogging sphere at all. If you've heard of it, if you started investigating blogging I guarantee you've heard the word WordPress. WordPress is a content management system that is free to use, to build an online website/blog.

So with WordPress, you need self-hosting. I've got a ton of post on my site that talks about where to find a domain name, how to get hosting, how to install WordPress all of the instructions you can find here on my website.

WordPress vs blogging

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So make sure you go browse through those post to get all those instructions but in my opinion WordPress is the best and should be the only way that you start a blog in 2020.



Let's talk really quickly about blogger and why you might be tempted to go to the blogger. Route blogger or commonly known as ugh spot was a platform built by Google. That was extremely popular in the early days of blogging you know 10 or 15 years ago it's free to use. It's very simple literally you just use your Google Account.

You set up a page and you just blog people can come to leave comments. I know a lot of people who still blog on blogger and get a lot of traffic.

WordPress vs blogging

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The real nice thing I guess the only real nice benefit of blogger is that it's free. So you don't have to pay for any hosting, you don't have to worry about any sort of.

You know limits for traffic and things like that but it is very basic it is very limited as far as design goes, as far as what you can do with it. I do believe that it does work with Google Adsense so you can't have Google ads on your page to earn some income.


 It just feels like it's so limited in what you can do and I know so many people who get down the road with blogger or blogspot. They're to the point where they're like ooh I realize now that I can't really do everything, that I want to do now that my blog is starting to get up some momentum. How do I switch to WordPress?

That is just a big hassle, there's a lot of work that you do not want to go through. People who don't make the switch to WordPress end up just being like well darn. I'm stuck here on blogger and they just kind of keep going with the flow because they're too scared to start over and lose all the momentum that they've gained.

WordPress vs blogging

So you know it is it gets very technical as soon as you want to start to switch from blogger to WordPress. So my recommendation is to start from hosting for a start with WordPress from the beginning.

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It's super cheap you can use SiteGround, Bluehost they're super cheap per month. it's like three dollars a month for hosting which is affordable for anyone. Just you know skip a cheeseburger once next month and then you can pay for it. It's the best way to start your blog or website.

Thursday, 28 May 2020

Kindle publishing


Kindle publishing

The way that we can make money online is one, that I actually didn't believe in before but I actually have leveraged this to make some money online. This is what we call kindle publishing.

Now for those of you that don't know what kindle is? It's very simple a kindle is basically thought about a digital book but it's quite a smaller book than the usual. Now, what you can do? Is this you can literally stop you can put together your own kindle book and you can actually get there and you can sell it on Amazon's platform.

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So providing you do the right type of work. That it is that you need to do. You can literally be generating income passively alongside whatever it is that you're doing.

Kindle publishing

So let's actually take a look-see you can see all these different Kindle books that are on here. So these are kinder books that people have written now. Let's say for example you know this one is four pounds 70 and as you can see he's got 91 reviews. It's five stars yeah.

I can't remember exactly what the portion of what the split is but it's very simple. You would keep some of the profits and Amazon would keep a small portion of the profits as well. Once you've written it and it goes online it's passive. If you as long as you optimize that book enough you will never have to worry about that again.

You know probably providing the algorithms don't change and things like that. All you simply have to do is upload it here optimize it the correct way. Through you then doing that guy you can literally be making money on autopilot. This is a great way to generate an extra couple hundred depending upon how many books you want to put into the marketplace. You could actually be developing a couple thousand.

Kindle publishing

I actually know an individual called Stefan James who has actually developed a six-figure income through leveraging the power of this business model.

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You can get started with a kindle business okay, a great way to make money online. It's not too hard not too complicated you do not need to be technically gifted. Know everything to be able to get started with kindle publishing.

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Online earning money in UK, Earn 1000$ per day


Online earning money in the UK

So would you like to start online earning money in the UK? Listen stay tuned because in today's post I'm gonna be showing you guys a new way. This way that you can start making money online in the UK. So let's get started.

So in first and foremost if you do not already make sure you are following me on my Facebook page and make sure you follow me on Instagram. All right links will be in the comments below but guys look let's just dives straight into it.

Online earning money in the UK

I'm going to show you guys a profit way that you guys can start to leverage the power of the internet to start making money on the UK right here and right now. All right so let's get into it.


Profit accumulator

So the first way that you can start to make money online and this way are only if you are in the United Kingdom. I do know that a lot of people actually plug into my content that is from overseas but this is only for people that are in the United Kingdom. This is why I wanted to do it first just to get it out of the way.

This is a system called profit accumulator. So for all of you individuals that are out there that like to put down bets and accumulators on sporting events, this is a phenomenal way for you to literally generate an extra couple hundred pounds. A month alongside whatever it is that you do and you actually, even have the power to be able to literally turn this into a couple thousand pounds each and every single month.

All right guys so look I just show you guys very quickly how it works. The concept of what it is that you do here is very simple. What it is? They've actually developed a system in which people can put bets down on particular sporting events. Through them following the system that you get taught in profit accumulators you cannot lose.

Online earning money in the UK

You cannot lose guys. I used to leverage this system I used to use profit accumulator this is the first way one of the first ways that I literally got started making money online. So this is how it works very simple you can actually sign up to the different bookmakers, that are out there so the ones like Betfred, coral, and Sparky it's just a few of the different markets and bookmakers that are actually out there.

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You do sign up to the first and foremost then the next thing that you do is, place the right bets to cover yourself against all possible outcomes. So whether the person that you bet on wins whether a person that you bet on loses or whether it's draw you can actually leverage profit.

Accumulator system and through your leveraging profit. You will cover yourself against anything happening, anything taking place and through by leveraging. The power of profit accumulator system you can actually withdraw your profits once all of those games are finished. So if it's a football game that you're betting on literally as soon as it's finished your money will then be available within your account you can withdraw the profits.

I know it seems very vague I don't really want to get into too much of the intricacies. Exactly how it is that it works because I want to keep this post very direct for yourself. You can learn exactly how to do this by coming to this site yourself and it will show you exactly how to do it. But this is a very powerful way that you could start to generate an extra couple hundred pounds a month literally just right through plugging into this system.

Online earning money in the UK

So for those of you that are actually watching this post and actually want to try it out. See whether or not this is something that works for you guys look if you see here guys you can actually get started with profit accumulator for free you can sign up for a free trial and this is what's even better. They're going to help you make 45 pounds before you've actually invested any of your own money into the profit accumulator system.

 So you can simply literally try it out for free and if the system works for you which we know it will because you can't lose unless you choose not to follow the system you're gonna make 45 pounds.  Very simple concept guys okay so for those of you that actually want to try this out.

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Let's say you like what it is that you see here with a profit accumulator you know you like the system, you like the way of doing things what you can do as well is you can actually become an affiliate of profit accumulator. So if I search this in google and click the very quick. What you can do? Is this very simple? You can literally get paid for every single person that you send across to profit accumulator?

For every person that you send across the profit accumulator you can get paid every single month that it is that they choose to pay and they're going to continue to do it. Why? Because they're making money every single month and through you then doing that you can develop a side income alongside whatever it is that you're doing now.

I want to show you an example of an individual that actually introduced me to a profit accumulator. This is a good friend of mine called Scott he has absolutely crushed it when it comes to this business model and guys look results are not typical but hey who wants to be typical anyway nobody does all right guys. So let me show you Scott's results, so this is the result that it is that he's got. He has referred a total of 519 people to the profit accumulator system. A total of 519 people through him doing that guy.

That has put him in a position as to where now he's making 6283 pounds month. After a month, after year recurring as long as all 519 of those individuals still continuously choose to pay their monthly fee. They're going to why because they're making money risk-free.

Online earning money in the UK

This is a phenomenal way for you guys to generate some money online. Just by simply referring a few people to this system. Referring a few people to the system that can literally get the ball rolling straight away get started for free make 45 pounds and then they can take a portion of that 45 pounds. Put it back into the business and then guys that can make more and more money each and every single day.

So once again guys for any of you that are actually here that actually want to leverage this system.


Amazon fba

This is the way that you can make money online is a very powerful way. This is a system called Amazon fba, now understand there is billions and billions and billions of pounds dollars whatever currency you want to call it. There are billions being done through Amazon today. So the beautiful thing is this, imagine if you could literally just take a tiny portion of what was being done on Amazon currently. Imagine if you could do that what would your lifestyle look like it would look pretty good right now.

Amazon fba is a very simple concept that stands for fulfillment by Amazon. This is where you basically will find a product yourself and what you can do is you can actually put your own design you can put your own feel your own twist on the products. Ship it to Amazon warehouse and you can actually put it on the Amazon website.

Online earning money in the UK

When people find it and buy it through your shop that's on Amazon. Amazon will fulfill it they will literally wrap it up for you they'll do everything that will ship it for you. All you will simply do is you will see the money coming back into your bank account every single month.

So let me just show you a small example of how it would work. So this is obviously Amazon. What you do is you would come to a website that sells products for a wholesale price. So a website that sells products for a wholesale price so a site kind of like this Aliexpress.

Now Aliexpress, these are actually located somewhere in Asia you can come to this site. You can buy products wholesale, so let's just search for example “I wanted to look for iPhone charger” okay let's just take a look. Let's say I just wanted to come on here and let's take a look for our iPhone charger.

Perfect as you can see all the different prices now. Now I can actually buy this charger for 73 cents per unit. 73 cents per unit now what you can do is these guys you want to with Amazon fba. You want to basically buy these in bulk.

Then you will have these shipped to an Amazon warehouse somewhere you can have them ship directly. You can have it shipped to your home and then from your home. You can then send it to a fulfillment center that Amazon has dotted all around the country all around the world.

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So it's very simple let's say for example if you were to have these at this price you'd buy them for 73 cents. Let's just say you mark it up guys let's just say you mark it up to 3.99. Let's say you mark it up to three pounds and 99 pence now if you were to literally do that mark it up to three pounds and 99 pence.

Let's just say for example you bought a thousand units. So if we do 1000 and we times that by three pounds 99 pence equals. That will be 3990 pounds that you would have made by simply just selling these through Amazon's platform now of course you know you need to knock off the 73 cents. As an expense the investment that you first and foremost put up and put into the business.

Online earning money in the UK

Still, that actually leaves you with such a nice profit that you can live quite a good lifestyle. Remember this is just a random example that it is that I've given you literally that's top of my head. There are so many things that you can literally get off of this website.

There are so many things that you can get off of Aliexpress. You can see all the different departments women's clothing, men's clothing, cell phone accessories, computer office security guys the list goes on.

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Amazon fba is a great way for people to be able to make money online. So if you're reading this post and you're still with us. Respect to you first and foremost. But look I actually have a link it down below to a masterclass an affiliate program an online webinar that you can watch that will show you exactly how to get started with the affiliate.

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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Online earn in Indonesia, 10 best paid surveys


Online earn in Indonesia, 10 best-paid surveys

Are you looking for the best paid service sites in Indonesia then this post is for you? My name is Annu from and in this post, I'm going to show you the top 10 service sites in Indonesia. Where you can join for free and start earning by sharing your opinion.

Online earn in Indonesia, 10 best paid surveys

Today before we get to the top 10 list I just want to make it clear what you can expect from online service sites in Indonesia because it can be a great way to actually have your opinion heard and earn a bit of extra cash at the same time.

Indonesia actually has some quite good service sites as I will show you in on this list but it's not a way to make a full-time income. It's meant to be a little bit of extra cash for sharing your opinion but there are also many of the sites that offer some extra small online microtasks.

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They can be great to use and I will explain all that which the size that is as we go through the list so let's now get started with the.


Best online earning surveys in Indonesia

On the list is we watch one and it is a GPC site like I get paid to the side because it has several ways to earn and that's one of the ways or reasons I like it. It can be a bit confusing to use at first but once you get to use it. It knows how to use it. It has plenty of ways to earn by taking service taking like doing all the small online micro-tasks taking offers and the more active you are the more benefits you get and what is great about it is that you can get your earnings out very quickly.

 The payout first hold is only $5 and it has a ton of reward methods you can choose from you can get paid in cash through PayPal already when you earn five dollars and there's a lot of gift cards you can choose from so you can definitely find rewards here that are relevant no matter your preferences.

Online earn in Indonesia


More broad and more work

It has his own survey panel for Indonesia and it also has a survey app so if you like taking service on the go this can definitely be a good option and it is actually doesn't have like a huge amount and sometimes it can take a little bit of patience to find the ones you qualify for but it can definitely be worth signing up for because it's so easy you just sign up and then you get email invitations or invitations through the app if you choose to use the payout threshold is equivalent of six dollars and twenty-five cents and you can get your earnings out through PayPal and Skrill. So a great way if you want to get your own ease out in cash.

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Server time and server time

It is a little bit different than many other paid service sites in Indonesia first of all because it was first to sign up and then you take like a profile survey and after that you get access to the paid service and what makes it unique is that every server you take will give you one dollar. That does not matter how long it is so sometimes you have you get a dollar for a two minute survey all the times it takes like 13-14 minutes no that's how it is and it pays out immediately after you completed through PayPal.

So that's like one of the fastest paying set besides in Indonesia you know the first time that might be we have to verify your phone a number so you need to be aware of that but it's definitely a fast paying service ID and it gives decent rewards because all the service gives one dollar,

Online earn in Indonesia


Two lunar influences

This is actually a really user-friendly service ID. It has also, its own panel for Indonesia and it has an app that makes it very easy to take service on the goal.

The main way to earn here is to take paid service and it has quite a decent amount of service and you can also earn by creating content like your own pause that other members can interact with and then potentially earn like that and there are free contests and some games you can play every day and earn some extra by doing that. So it has plenty of opportunities and it's very user-friendly and the pay our threshold starts at around $10 that depends on how you choose to get your rewards hour. You can get you any Souder through PayPal or there are plenty of gift cards to choose from also price rebel is one of the big popular worldwide get paid to size.

You can actually earn in many ways here you can take micro tasks that can actually be very good to do in Indonesia with a bit of patience you can build up a reputation and earn quite nice money like that through what's called figure but it also has a decent amount of surveys. You can take paid offers to get free promo codes to participate in contests and the longer you remember. The more benefits you get and it has a very low 3pr threshold of only $5 and you can get your earnings out through PayPal or choose between many different gift cards.

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Time box

Which is a little bit unusual also in the reason it's on this list is because you can always find ways to earn here and it offers earning methods that I have not really seen on any other get paid to sites like for example, you can see some of them mentioned here by posting on tick tock talk or other social media like Fox and Instagram.

Online earn in Indonesia

You can complete captures install apps to play games what slideshows take surveys, videos, and more and some of the learning methods to use do not give super high rewards but if you choose carefully it can definitely be worth it, and also it gives great rewards.

You also invite other people to join that start participating actively so definitely a great side. If you always want access to some small online micro tasks and you can get your earnings out once. You earn $10 and it offers quite a few different payout methods like err, teller, Bitcoin transfer, wire-like bank transfer, and Skrill.

I believe those are the methods at the moment of writing this post they sometimes introduce more but definitely an interesting and different get paid suicide to check out in Indonesia.

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Is next on the list and maybe it looks familiar with the you because it used to be called click send so if you have heard about that this is the same platform but many of the earning methods are still the same.

It gives decent opportunities in Indonesia you can take surveys and cash offers and you can invite friends. you can do other small tasks these figure 8 tasks license is one of the best sites to take figure 8 tasks because it has some great bonuses for that and if you have a certain activity overall and why since every day you get a daily activity bone so you know sometimes for the surveys.

It can take some patience to find the service you qualify for if that's the case then make sure to use some of the other any methods and then it's a great site to join with a low payer threshold that starts at five dollars depending on the reward. You can choose to get paid through Amazon gift cards or PayPal or Payoneer, Skrill and it also has a few other gift cards you can choose from valued opinions is a pure service ID for Indonesia.



They that it only offers paid service as a way to earn and it has a panel specifically for Indonesia but this also makes it very easy to you so you just sign up and then you start getting survey invitations. It has a decent amount you just need to be aware that it does not pay in cash it has some great gift cards you can choose from once.

You've earned $10 so the threshold is $10 but if you prefer getting paid in cash you know gift cards can be as good as cash but if you prefer cash then you need to choose some of the other sites on this list.


Ggm panel

It is a very interesting service site for Indonesia again. A panel that is very easy to use that just has paid service as it is of now. I've been told that they will probably introduce more earning methods at a later point but it has a decent amount of paid service.

Online earn in Indonesia

Once you sign up you will start getting survey mutations via email and you can get your earnings out already when you earn $10 and you can get them out through PayPal or choose between different gift cards but in Indonesia.


Opinion world

An opinion world also has its own specific Indonesian survey a panel as you can see here and it is also one of the ones that are very easy to use you just sign up and you start getting invitations but it can also be a good idea to log in and check once in a while but the servers are usually fairly easy to do and they pay decently.

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You can get your earnings out already when you've earned $5 through either PayPal or gift cards. So we're definitely service I'd you should make sure to check out if you want to get paid to share your opinion in Indonesia so as you can see there are actually some great server and get besides, you can join completely for free and start earning today by sharing your opinion and doing all the small online micro-tasks there are actually more then just ten great sites in Indonesia.