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Sunday, 19 April 2020



Amazon, get the Affiliate 

Amazon is the world biggest online shopping company. It is an a american multinational company who is situated in seatte. It offers the e-commerce, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. In the amazon the population of employees is 75,0000. It was the fourth biggest tech company in world along with google, apple and microsoft.

Amazon is the world largest marketplace. Who is known for his disruption of his well established industry through mass scale. Amazon is the largest internet company by his revenue in  the world. 

How you earn with amazon based on home

It is the most valuable company in the world. It is give largest private employer in along the world. Amazon distributes download and streaming of videos, music and audio books by its prime video, Amazon music and audible subsidiaries. 

Amazon is founded by Jeff Bezos in washington in july 1994. The company began selling music and videos in 1998.  In 2002 the company starts the web services which provide the internet statics for other marketers and devlopers. In 2006 they provide cloud data storage who give a simple storage on to the internet. In the same year they started the amazon for which provide the sell of small companies and inventory of individual by there company site.

the founder of amazon

In the present time amazon is biggest food market in the world. Amazon is growing wallmart for this. There was amazon online selling is a business is the biggest in world. 

Jeff Bezos is the top 10 richest person in the world. In amazon you also get a job. How...

How you get earning with amazon_

Amazon is very big online shopping marketplace in the world. In there site every day million of products are buy and sell by the customer. There is free to signup for your every account.

Billion of peoples are signup in the amazon. There are many account you create_

(1)- you create a buyer account-  

The account is usually open by the person who is buying some products by the amazon. The process is very simple you only done by your email and mobile number. There is necessary to confirm your mobile number, because some people are give the fake information.

When you buy some product he message you for your delivery report about your product. There is everything is safe and not a problem of any spam. You pay through online or cash on delivery many option are available. 

(2)-Create as a seller-

This  is a one more way  to earn money online you earn by create a account as a seller for amazon. It is easy to start your thing sell with amazon. Just signup for a amazon seller. 

The amazon has a some data for your seller account. They ask for your tax information and your GST number in India. When you have all the document you sell your product with the help of amazon.

There is many of the people who has come to amazon for buy a product. There is many population your product easily sell by the amazon. They get some commission from you and you get the benefit form your project.

Just upload a quality and clear picture of your product and give a deep description about your product. Select your category right because it was important to they show your product in the category where he actually need to know.

You done the product packing in your shop and the amazon employee get the product by your shop. You get the money by amazon with your home. There is a very good method to sell your product worldwide by just clicking on amazon. Start now...

(3)-Create as a affilate marketing person-

You also create a account as a amazon affilate. Amazon affilate is a program by amazon where you get the money by just promoting and selling the product of amazon. You just one a thing that sell the product of amazon by your link who give by amazon.

Amazon affilate is a very big project. There are many of the people who has working with amazon affilate, because there is a very type of product and this is a loyal site for there members.

You signup for amazon affilate for free. Then you just to select a product to promote or sell. Just generate the link of the product and past it where you think people are come and by.
earn easily with amazon affilate

You also sell the amazon product with your family because in this time everyone is shopping online. So when your family member or friend has buy a product you earn the commission.

The link of a product is only active for 24 hours then the link is got dead. When a customer who got as amazon by your link and buy any product the commission is give to you by amazon. 

It is a very good opportunity for you. You just done one thing you get the link and post it to your social accounts. You can also sent it to some group or message to anyone. 

You get very good earning by this. When you are a blogger or youtuber who getting good traffic, just paste there html code of your product on your site. The ad is shown like a banner.

There are many people who has earning more then 100$ per day by amazon affilate. Just start..

Career on amazon-

Amazon is a company where 75,0000+ employee. There are many job opportunity, in the section of career they are give the all required jobs. There are many jobs of manger, operator and others. Almost all jobs require a degree or diploma. 

There is a job who has for all. A job of customer care, You apply for this job by your location details, because it job is need your location. The customer care job is posted on site of amazon at the career option. They just accept the form who is from that location.

Prime on Amazon_

You get the prime membership on amazon by just giving 19$. This membership is give you the discount on the product you buy and amazon give you free there all of application like you get free membership on amazon prime. You can also watch amazon video with no of cost. 

Amazon prime

Amazon prime give you the free of cash on delivery service. There are also the many more benefit on amazon, you get the cashback or amazon coupon. 

Amazon kindel_

There is a amazon kindel where your just buy or sell your own books. Amazon kindle is a option by amazon where you sell your own book on your cost. 

There is also you buy books of other writer. There is many of books who is selling on some lowest prices, because there are coming many of new writer to sell and promote there books.

You also write and sell your book by this. Just write a book and upload a pic of cover and and a description of book in short form... And earn money.

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