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Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Blogger by google, Get Earning


Blogger by google, Get Earning

Blogger is a software or blogging format by google. It is free and user friendly, so you can easily set up and run your blog.  There are several questions you need to know before using the blogger software.


1.     How to start

2.     What type of post shall we write

3.     Where google post my article

4.     Blogger is safe

5.     Where got the domain

6.     What technique used for get rank on google

7.     How we get earning with my blog


How to start

Starting a blog with is easy, I also know that it is user friendly software. You can easily create your blog with just signup with gmail.

It is not that you had thought, just a reminder of what you know. When you get signup  just choose a topic that you can write about. When you choose your topic you can start your journey to earning. Site name is your presentation for what you are writing in your blog.

Know about blogging here is you got.

Thinking it is hard to earn with these are the several ways I got to you.



What type of post shall we write

Post is an article on a topic who is along to your site name what is your main topic. Write a post for engaging and friendly, that gives you the power to get your traffic back.

Post has not been so small or not so big, just write it in 1500-2000 words, because it gives you the benefit for rank in google or any other search engine.

You can not only 1 post needed to write a post in daily bases, you can write 200 posts to get your earning or some traffic. I again tell you your post only belongs to your site name or main topic. Google has seen that you have been writing along your main topic or writing any post that does not matter  to your blog.

Your posts have given deep knowledge about your topic, when any person sees your post they do not go to any other site this power is generated by your post. Have you the courage to do that.

Your posts have been SEO friendly, I talk SEO in last just read continus for new  blog or make money with blog.  


You see the tag and search description on the right of your post, fill the search description carefully and it shows in Google results of google.


Where Google post my article

Google does not post your blog without your permission. When you give permission to see your post in google search, they crawl your post and after examining the post see in google results. Your post got a search result but you earn with that? No when your post is got on top 10 your post generates traffic and you earn with that.

It is tough to get in top 10 but you can get this by your work and our support for any query on your blog just contact us.


Blogger is safe?

It is also a question in your mind where a blogger is safe. Yes, bloggers are very safe for blogging and for your data, because it is the software of google and google is the safest security in the world.

Just make your hard work and write 4-5 posts per day, this gives you the security for your earning.


Where got the domain

Again you have many questions about where I got the domain? Domain is paid service?


You do not need to buy any domain name or hosting. Blogger is a format where you get the subdomain for no cost. Also bloggers give you free hosting and many other facilities.

Google has very big sub-domain  names for every new blogger. I recommend that when you are thinking about earning with your blog, buy a domain.

Domain names give you the authority and some other important power for getting your blog more effective. You buy domains for Rupees 99 only. Many sites give you the opportunity to get domain for very cheap rates.

Blogger has again an opportunity for hosting, it gives you the free hosting for your third-party domain. Many big bloggers use google hosting.


What technique used for get rank on google

Thinking for rank in google you in the right way there are many who got you the ranking in google. It is not easy to get ranking when day but use these factors 100% sure 1 day you reach the top.

The main factor is getting SEO of your blog. What is SEO? SEO full form is ‘Search engine optimization’. Google has seen 200+ factors for rank in google, it is called SEO by google.


On page Seo

On page seo is related to your post or title of blog. Also related to many things you do in your blog. Some of the factors of on page SEO.

1.     Keyword research

2.     Keyword adding in post

3.     Title of blog

4.     Meta description

5.     Robots.txt

6.     Domain name

7.     Number of words

8.     Title of post

Keyword research

Keyword research is a very important factor of on page SEO. You have to find the keywords who have the low competition and high cpc. When you find keywords they also have a volume of minimum 1k.


Just search keywords relating to your main keyword, because it was important to your blog and long para.

Where do I research keywords? There are many sites on google who have paid or free versions to search keywords. Like keyword planner is free for searching many keywords. Try for one time.

Get your earning with new ways.


      Keyword adding

Keyword adding is another big on page SEO factor. In this factor you need some keywords relating to your mean keywords.

What need of these keywords? It helps you to get your main keyword support and  basically when your main keyword is not ranked on google the keyword you added in your blog post can rank. It is the biggest benefit for keyword adding.


Title of blog

You write your post relating to your blog title. It is a very important factor because Google only ranks the blog who is related to their blog title.

Place a mean keyword in your blog post who has a long tail keyword, because this helps you to get more content.


Meta description

Meta description is a description given by you to your blog search appearance.

Where do we write this description? You get this description on your blog search preference setting. Just write an engaging description for people, for when see click only on your site.



Robots.txt is important because it gives the permission to google crawler to index your site.


Where did we get this? You can easily just add robots.txt  then get that what you need.


Domain name

Domain name is another factor for rank in google. Google has seen your domain name to see that your domain name is related to your main keyword or not.

It gives you some benefit but it is not that much important.

Numbers of words in your article

The Number of words in your article is very important because Google thinks that when you write a big article you give all the information in it. So write big articles.


Title of post

Post title is a very important part, you should add your main keyword in your title, because it gives the first impression.

You should add your keyword in the first 1-2 lines of your post.


H1, H2, H3 tags

H1, H2, H3 tags are important because they give structure to your post.  When Google crawls your site see these structures.

H1 is the mean title, H2 is the other title and H3 is the subtitle.


Off page SEO

Off page SEO is all about making backlinks, high Domain authority.



Backlinks are the links who give you the traffic from other sites. When you edit a link on other sites with commenting or guest posts, these links are called backlinks.

When you generate backlinks with high domain authority websites it gives very benefit but when you generate with low authority sites it has spam. Google can report your site when you get low authority backlinks.


Domain authority

In domain authority many factors come like age of domain, rank in google, spam score. When you have got a good domain authority your site easily ranks on google for no trouble.

Domain authority one factor how  long you register your domain name. When you register it for 2 or 3 years it gives more benefit along to register for 1 year.


How we get earning with your blog

When you are a beginner do not think about earning for 3-4 months because a new blog does not give you traffic.


When you work hard, write, post nothing else, when you have done it for three months get these ideas.

Advertising ads

Advertise ads on your blog with help of adsense. When you write 100 blogs and get traffic, apply for google adsense.

Google adsense is ads showing software who give you money for showing ads on your blog. It is easy when you get work for 3 months.


Affiliate Income

Get income by promoting some products or services of private companies like amazon has a very big affiliate program in the world.

information on affiliate marketing.

You just did one thing to get your product link and paste it to your site. When anyone buys products with your link you got the money.

Share the journey for getting money with a blog.

Follow us with a gmail.

Thursday, 16 April 2020

How to earn with blogging


You ever done blogging? Blogging give you very good income for writing content. You are ready to know for how to earn with blogging.

What is meaning of blogging_

A blog is a informational and discussion website who is provided on the worldwide search engine. Blog or blogging is now is content creation and sharing with any of your social media or any more places.

 Blogging is very good and easy way to write and content and publish it. Blogging is mainly used in digital marketing and to earn money with showing ads.


A blog is generally a ideas of a person and his thoughts that he share with public for to promote business or earn money. Your blogs are your thought and your knowledge what you know you write on the blog.

Blog is often is many things often new, lifestyle, community and many more. There is billion of people who visit the blogs daily. They all need to know about a problem and blogging is give the solution to that.

How to earn with blogging_

Blogging is a formed where you just write a blog and get it publish to the search engine. The google search engine web adsense is give you the money for showing ads in your blog. 

When you publish some post and your blog is getting the traffic you apply for the adsense. When the adsense is got by you adsense show ads on your blog. By the value of your blog adsense give you the money on per 1000 views. 

While there are many blogs there not all of them is give proper lesson to get your help. You need to start a blog and give total things about of the topic your blog. Chose a software where you create the blog.

The all software are giving down on the page. Then chose a topic to write an blog post. Just write thing what you know, don't done copy paste of other site. Then write blogs on daily bases. 

In some time your blog is get the ranking and you get the traffic you want. Then just add adsense and you got the earning. Blogging is very potential for earning some of the blogger is earning 1000$ per day. 

You need a domain and web hosting for your blog because a custom domain given by the software is not proper handle the traffic. So get a domain and web hosting. 

You earn money by not only add to adsense but also earn by doing affilate marketing on your blog. i give you the total knowledge How to done affilate marketing...

Tips for get a best blog_

To get a best blog you have a knowledge about the topic you writing on. First search all about the keyword relating to the your topic. Note down the all topic and the difficulty of the keyword.

Tips for get a best blog                                               

Chose the keyword who has a low difficulty to rank on google. Then write a article based on the keyword you note down.

Then just made a article on daily base. Write daily and post daily for 2-3 months. then your post is rank on google and you get the money and traffic.

 List of best free blogging sites_

 Best blogging sites are not just the sites who provide to write blog, the best side is that who provide all necessities to help you to get a perfect sides. Some of that does not offer to grow traffic on your sites and some are provide.


Blogger is a free software provide by google. This is give you free web hosting. It has some great feature but some of the feature is very basic. 

You just login this website with your gmail and open a blog in just a minute. They are provide you the adsense, theme modify and editing the coding.

Blogger is a great way for start a blog. There is very good features for them who first time starting a blog. You not need to give a 1$ to them because there is all free. The hosting is also free you just add your domain in the blogger.

Get a premium blogging template and get traffic 

Find Your Perfect Product and Supplier in Minutes!

SaleHoo is a powerful research tool, supplier directory, and online community for dropshippers, wholesalers, and e-commerce stores.

  1. Get Started Now


Tumblr is a simple and easy to use platform that is for visual focused micro blogging. This platform is free for every you just signup and start your journey of blogging.

Tumblr is a simple control panel who get a friendly atmosphere to new blogger. The site give you the unlimited storage. 

This is not support the heavy form of content, you only write short form of article on this site. So this is not for business purpose..


These site is very trusted sites who gives the full trust for the blogger who blogging on this.

This is the most popular blogging platform in the world. Wordpress gives you the ultimate customization and support for beginner.


If you want to generate a income who was very big just go with this. 

But this is require a domain name and hosting.


Wix is a free website building software they helps you to get a great technical website. Wix is free but they give you to a premium plan to get access the additional features and many more..

some more sites..






For new ways to earn online follow our site