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Monday, 1 June 2020

Earn money in Philippines


Earn money in Philippines, 4 Ways to earn

Hey guys some dozen welcome back to my site and in this post I'm gonna talk about side jobs while you're living in Japan. So if you're here as a student or come with a special visa.

Earn money in Philippines

You still can work certain hours of course. You need to check it before you start working but certainly if you might find some job that pays you cash.

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Uber eats

First thing first, of course, uber eats. You probably know uber eat it's pretty popular in Japan. As well but in my city, we don't really have uber eat. Maybe it will come sometime but if you live in bigger cities like Kyoto, Tokyo.

Earn money in Philippines

I don't know Kirishima you might find a job as an over its driver delivery man. So and if you have a bicycle or bike. I think it will be faster and you can make more money by having your vehicle.

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So yeah over it all right next one is Upwork. Up work is a website where you might find like full-time work or part-time work and depends on the project you might work on. Buy projects I mean you might be hired for certain projects or some small job. That might require like they pay per hour.

Earn money in Philippines

So it differs but you might check before you start your job and it pays well. But I think living in Japan especially in big cities you need, you know more than two-three thousand dollars. If you want to support yourself and you know have a like some investments in the future. But Upwork if you currently live in India or those developing countries in Pakistan. I think it's a great way to start because most of the companies are located in developed countries like Canada, U.S.

So in Europe, so that's why you might get a salary like. If you work in the U.S. Let's say up work is pretty popular and if you want a smaller gig.

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The next one is Fiverr and Fiverr is a great way to basically order anything you want, any service you might create. Some you know thumbnails for YouTubers or something like that or create music for basically. Starting from five dollars and you might increase your fee.

Earn money in Philippines

So that's why I think for smaller gigs Fiverr is pretty good. I also use it sometimes for translations and yeah you might start from Fiverr.

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Freelance photography

Alright, forth freelance photography you might think it's pretty hard to like. You know taking photos and in Japan to find this work, but to be honest like you can start from. You know taking pictures for your friends and you know starting from your portfolio. Because I think if you provide this service to your friends first.

Earn money in Philippines

You know you might create networking from that so I think freelance photography is also good for online business. You know about stock photography right, so you can offer or sell your photos online of course. It became way hotter than before but if you have something unique and you live in unique you know place especially in Japan.

You might consider going into those unique places like Fushimi inari in Kyoto or in Tokyo, in Shibuya. You might take some weird pictures and you know you might earn a lot of money from that. It can be happy but you can also earn from that. I think it's perfect.

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Next, we have cambly and I talkie so those services for teaching languages online and of course, you can do teaching face to face. But if you are an introvert and you don't want to.

You know go out of your room, your shitty Komori but you still want to earn some money. You know you need to eat you need to do something. You might consider teaching language that you speak right.

If you're native in I don't know Hindi or some Nepali, Russian. You still might find work in this. Those services in my opinion like I talkie is also pretty good. I used it a lot and I was a partner. You know I was a Fiat partner with them. So that's why I think it's pretty good.

Earn money in Philippines

You can help your student's online students for exams if you're still learning Japanese. You know you also might put you know there are requirements. You don't really need a diploma but it's good if you have Alts or TOEFL or JLPT. Yeah, you will be more you know you have some credentials to teach language but of course, you might start from basic and help your students to their language.

That you speak and the last one, in my opinion, is one of the best ones. Because you can earn a lot from doing that and studying. But of course, you need language ability. It's good if you have like proficiency in Japanese and that's why you might connect with companies.

Actually, you can find a lot of you know inquiries in gaijin pot and the website where you can find some information about that better Chester. Basically, you need to be a tester for IT companies mostly test out some software or website and then you can write them your review or debug or those kinds of things.

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Yeah, you don't need to be professional you don't need to be an expert. You just need to pretend your user and you're using this app or service. By like helping also those companies yeah Facebook or any other software. Big companies you might start from that right that was what I thought one of the not easiest.

Earn money in Philippines

But one of the best ways to earn extra money while you're a student and you have some extra hours. Yeah instead of doing nothing you can invest in those things and in the future, of course, you might try other things. So if you enjoyed this video please leave a comment maybe other side hustles and jobs in Japan.