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Monday, 20 April 2020




Clickbank is a affilate marketplace who was founded in 1998. The headquarters of company in boise, ldhao. In 2011, this site attract over 1,500,000 affilate marketers, approx 100000 was there active at any given time. The founder of click bank is Tim and Eilen Barber.

As 201, Clickbbank has 6 million clients and distributes in 190+ country. In august 2014 clickbank has handled 30,000 transaction daily.



Clickbank is a e-commerce platform of digital goods and services between digital content creator and affilate marketers. Clickbank work through affilate marketer who visible revenue generating opportunity. 

Clickbank has a top 100 online retailer with 200 million customers, Clickbank sells digital products worldwide created by entrepreneurs. From advice for getting in shape to healthy cooking recipes and dating advice, Clickbank delivers digital lifestyle products to customer in 190 countries.

Clickbank give the opportunity to everyone to earn money and get a affilate member with us. There is no cost for getting an affilate. Clickbank is give very high commission for every one in every product. There is the product was made by entrepreneurs, that why there was get a very good earning. 

Login to Clickbank

you login with clickbank in three types, as a seller, as a buyer or as an affilate member. I give you the total information about these login ways.


(1)-Login as a seller

You got login in clickbank as a seller, who has selling his product. In clickbank only the digital product are sell and there you give a big margin of your amount to the affilate marketer. 

Clickbank is only sell the digital product like affilate course, blogging template or other product. You can sell your digital product to clickbank he automatically promote your product and the affilate will start your sell in some days. 

There was come many entrepreneurs so you also give a big margin of your sell money to the affilate. clickbank is very old  and loyal site for his customer or seller. There was no spam of money or any product.

(2)-Login as a buyer

You also login with clickbank as a buyer, the buyer is that who is buying a product with the clickbank site. There is free to signup for a buyer or any account. When you login with your gmail you see a big marketplace of clickbank.

In clickbank marketplace there are many type of product available there. You get the product for education, online services and other digital product. Because the product is sell by entrepreneurs the quality and rate of hid is very good. 

Clickbank has a very big e-commercial site where 1,50,0000 seller and buyer are members. In the site daily many people are coming sell or buy there product. So let start with clickbank..

(3)-Login as a affilate marketer

When you think for a cash, you are signup with clickbank. Clickbank has a very big marketplace for affilate marketers. The base of the company is made by the affilate marketers because the affilate is sell the new product of entrepreneurs. 

The new product was tough to sell because no one is know about that. Clickbank is a marketplace for new products. The affilate promote the new product for new entrepreneurs.

Clickbank affilate

You easily signup for clickbank affilate for free. There is many numbers of product for you to sell. Just get a link of your product who you think to get sell. Paste the product link to your social media or whatsapp group. Where you think some click at the link.

The affilate program of clickbank is the best program because this give a very big commission on every product. The withdrawal with clickbank is very easy. You easily get your earning in your paypal or bank account. 

You also add your clickbank affilate link to your website or in description of youtube video. When your site or video get traffic you earn more money. 

You just easily get your affilate product by clicking the product link. There is you get the all information about your product and about the seller who selling this product.

How to make money by Clickbank

So you can earn 500$ per day easily by your clickbank account. Clickbank I told that very big marketplace there are many product for affilate. You also earn by selling your service or product.

I told you that not sell a product or service on clickbank, because there you give a big amount of your selling for affilate marketer. Click bank is place for affilate not for selling things.

Clickbank affilate

I think you get a signup for clickbank affilate. There is many of products where the affilate commission was more then 50$. There are many category and products which you are should sell. 

Chose a product which a commission above 50$, then just create affilate link for you. Paste the link to your social media post or site. When anyone come to clickbank with your link you get the commision for that.

Chose a very attractive picture to where you should add a link to that and post it. Daily send it to different groups or social media sites. 

You easily get your earning by your clickbank account. The product link is only active for 64 days then the link is got dead..

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