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Saturday, 18 April 2020

Earn money with micerosites and apps


What is microsites_

Microsite is the sites who has give a little task to you and get you the instant cash. Micerosites have give many types of work like watch video, pdf download, watch ads and many other micro works.

Microsites are not give you many earning. It give you short of many like 10$ pr day or 5$ pr day there is depend on your work. When you watch a video or any more work he give you 0.001$. If you done this work for only enjoy it is right.

It is free there to signup and get your work. Work is get instant in these sites you did not need to do work for finding work. Many of the sites are fake in these like sites. There are also many of sites who give you really work.

These microsites are very good for those who have only 1 hour time free for watching video or only watching ads. They would like this work and get some cash in there pocket.

So you think for microsites there is instant cash but not far enough. Some are done with this money because when he done work on daily base he got 300$ in month.

What is App_

App full form is application. Every person who using smartphone is know about App. App is made by coding and run at windows, android, and ios system. App is provide you some function or knowledge who is get you benefit or education.

App is not like blog app is provide many sequence of function. where you chose by your mood. The function are made by a sequence  of coding and formally well. 

How to earn with microsites_

I was all defined in first but some more that you earn with micerosites only some many not far enough that satisfied your family. There are many work but the earning with one task is very low. 

When you are free for some time and done earning with enjoy. So go to the i provide you in down, and signup for free. When you signup the site give you some money instant and then you get your task easily. 

Get your task get done it then you get instant cash on your account. There is 100% give you the money.

some microsites_


Swegbuck is a very popular and loyal site for his worker. In these site you get 25 swegbucks on your signup. In this site you earn the swegbucks and you transfer it into $. 2500 swegbucks are equal to 5$. 

In these site many works has who you can done like you give a survey and earn. You watch video or ads and many more task. You withdrawal the money when you get 5$ on you swegbucks account.

These site is 100% loyal and give you your cash on paypal account. But there are you earn not more 15$ per day. 

(2) are the very old and loyal website because it was give many cash to his worker from when he open this. Work is Microtask is same like work in swegbucks. You done some task and get your instant cash.

In this website you earn money in $ but many of task who was given you is give you 0.001$ only. There is some task who give high earning. 

The signup is free for everyone and they give you 5$ instant cash for motivation. 

(3)- Google opinion reward_ 

This was a app for who give you the play store cash for just giving a survey in there site. You can just signup and give your survey to earn .

There is many app who told you that he give you cash but there is no app who you get the trust. So not believe in there apps. There is a app rojdhan who give you cash for reading article but he was a spam he give some money for refferel but get the earning is very hard.

Earn with App_

Earning with app is not easy for everyone because there was you do to generate a App. The App is generally made by coding and html. Everyone is not done this because the coding is not easy to learn.

When you know coding and made a app you just only done to signup for google Admob who was free for everyone. Then he give you a code who you paste in your coding. When the add is show in your app google is give you the cash for every time one you get the view for add.

It was give you much more earning. Who does not know coding there is a one way more to make a app. I told you this in my next blog. so please follow for notification. 

Friday, 17 April 2020

How to earn with YouTube

You are getting a great tips and knowledge about how to earn with youtube. So let start....

What is Youtube_

YouTube is format of uploading your videos and share with public. There is a second largest search engine in the world. In you tube there is billions of people is uploaded millions of videos daily. It is american video-sharing platform and the San burno, Calfornia. Youtube is founded on febuary 2005. Google bought youtube in 2006 for $1.65 Billion.

Youtube is a video sharing format where you can like, share, comment and most important upload your video. In 2020 there was a format of promote you business, movies, blog and many more things. The trailer of movies and the promotion of any thing was done in youtube. The youtube is showing ads by google adsense. Who was the software of google.

Google adsense shows the ads to the youtube videos and get the commission. Some of the commission gives to the video owner where he shows the ad.

Who can use Youtube_

Every person who has a internet connection has to allow to use the youtube. You tube have just say to signup with your gmail. The google is very popular in young age people and child. 

Very of people are watch youtube for entertainment, learning of some things and many more option are there. Many of the news and tv channel are open there all material in youtube for the more views and likes.

Like aaj tak, Sony and many more channel are providing there material on youtube. They get earning also, the channel are earning more then he earn before that. 

Everyone use youtube from every country and every region. You tube is available in every country almost because it was a product of google and google is based on every country. 

Every age group of people is use it there is no restriction on anything. There was only restriction on adult content the content is not for the people who as is under 18. 

How to earn with Youtube_

In youtube there is two type of user. (1)-who come for watch videos- This type of users are come to you tube for only watch video and share, like or dislike and post a comment. 

(2)-Who come for upload videos- This type of users are come for upload videos. This type of users are earn money and provide a content to you.

When you think to earn money you are make the user who provide the content. You are make yourself as a content provider. Get your all knowledge and experience on the videos you provide to the public.

You have to earn money get your signup on youtube and edit a good name. The name is like what you provide. Then upload a video, the quality is serve high. 

First when you upload subscribe the video by telling to your friends and family. Then when your channel get 1000 subscriber. Youtube is publish your videos automatically. 

Signup of google adsense by your youtube channel email. Then google automatically shows ad on your videos. When you get the view google paid you. 

The earning the depend on your topic and views. You also earn money on youtube by affiliate marketing. There is huge amount of people who is earning by youtube on doing affiliate. For knowledge about affiliate get here..

Try to connect with your people on youtube. Call him for subscribe and comment then when you get upload new video he get the notification. Tell him for comment in the middle of video by tell him a question.

Tips to earn_

Get your all knowledge and put into a video you making. Grow interest of your customer who watching your content. talk with them on video, tell him to subscribe and ans them who he said on comment.

First 400 subscriber was is your responsbility to done. Tell to your friends to subscribe or send the video link to social media when you get 400 subscriber youtube is automatically grow your channel. 

The language of your content is keep easy or local type language. I suggest you to do affiliate in your youtube account it is give more money then youtube. for affiliate go here....

Thursday, 16 April 2020

How to earn with blogging


You ever done blogging? Blogging give you very good income for writing content. You are ready to know for how to earn with blogging.

What is meaning of blogging_

A blog is a informational and discussion website who is provided on the worldwide search engine. Blog or blogging is now is content creation and sharing with any of your social media or any more places.

 Blogging is very good and easy way to write and content and publish it. Blogging is mainly used in digital marketing and to earn money with showing ads.


A blog is generally a ideas of a person and his thoughts that he share with public for to promote business or earn money. Your blogs are your thought and your knowledge what you know you write on the blog.

Blog is often is many things often new, lifestyle, community and many more. There is billion of people who visit the blogs daily. They all need to know about a problem and blogging is give the solution to that.

How to earn with blogging_

Blogging is a formed where you just write a blog and get it publish to the search engine. The google search engine web adsense is give you the money for showing ads in your blog. 

When you publish some post and your blog is getting the traffic you apply for the adsense. When the adsense is got by you adsense show ads on your blog. By the value of your blog adsense give you the money on per 1000 views. 

While there are many blogs there not all of them is give proper lesson to get your help. You need to start a blog and give total things about of the topic your blog. Chose a software where you create the blog.

The all software are giving down on the page. Then chose a topic to write an blog post. Just write thing what you know, don't done copy paste of other site. Then write blogs on daily bases. 

In some time your blog is get the ranking and you get the traffic you want. Then just add adsense and you got the earning. Blogging is very potential for earning some of the blogger is earning 1000$ per day. 

You need a domain and web hosting for your blog because a custom domain given by the software is not proper handle the traffic. So get a domain and web hosting. 

You earn money by not only add to adsense but also earn by doing affilate marketing on your blog. i give you the total knowledge How to done affilate marketing...

Tips for get a best blog_

To get a best blog you have a knowledge about the topic you writing on. First search all about the keyword relating to the your topic. Note down the all topic and the difficulty of the keyword.

Tips for get a best blog                                               

Chose the keyword who has a low difficulty to rank on google. Then write a article based on the keyword you note down.

Then just made a article on daily base. Write daily and post daily for 2-3 months. then your post is rank on google and you get the money and traffic.

 List of best free blogging sites_

 Best blogging sites are not just the sites who provide to write blog, the best side is that who provide all necessities to help you to get a perfect sides. Some of that does not offer to grow traffic on your sites and some are provide.


Blogger is a free software provide by google. This is give you free web hosting. It has some great feature but some of the feature is very basic. 

You just login this website with your gmail and open a blog in just a minute. They are provide you the adsense, theme modify and editing the coding.

Blogger is a great way for start a blog. There is very good features for them who first time starting a blog. You not need to give a 1$ to them because there is all free. The hosting is also free you just add your domain in the blogger.

Get a premium blogging template and get traffic 

Find Your Perfect Product and Supplier in Minutes!

SaleHoo is a powerful research tool, supplier directory, and online community for dropshippers, wholesalers, and e-commerce stores.

  1. Get Started Now


Tumblr is a simple and easy to use platform that is for visual focused micro blogging. This platform is free for every you just signup and start your journey of blogging.

Tumblr is a simple control panel who get a friendly atmosphere to new blogger. The site give you the unlimited storage. 

This is not support the heavy form of content, you only write short form of article on this site. So this is not for business purpose..


These site is very trusted sites who gives the full trust for the blogger who blogging on this.

This is the most popular blogging platform in the world. Wordpress gives you the ultimate customization and support for beginner.


If you want to generate a income who was very big just go with this. 

But this is require a domain name and hosting.


Wix is a free website building software they helps you to get a great technical website. Wix is free but they give you to a premium plan to get access the additional features and many more..

some more sites..






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Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Earn money online, 5 Ways to earn money online


What is 'Earn Money Online'_

Earn money online is a method of earning money with internet and with home. Online meaning is a you done the work with the internet. In earn money online you done the work with the some website or with some company. 

Earn money online, 5 Ways to earn money online                                                                                

You done this work with home or your based company not in the company who provide you work. It is totally online process when you get work, done the work and submitted the work to the company. 

In work with online companies you get many benefit. You got your time of work when you get time you done the work like in midnight you are free to done this no limit.


  • You get the work you want to done. In online any type of work is available like web designer, data entry and many more.
  • You are free to work in your time when you like to done this .
  • Free to do holidays and working days, you are free to done where the holiday and whose the working day.
  • Get more money then the job you done in a company. 
  • Experience to working with new and different company regularly.
  • Chose your income, income is based on what you want and how many time you giving to that.
  • Once you experience you get a great work and money by online work.
  • Some of the online work is only that you have to copy paste your link or promote a product and you get earning.

5 Ways to earn money online_

There is I got you the 5 ways you get the money online . In these way some are the ways where you get money instantly but the money was less and some ways where you get the money late but get a very big amount every month. 

Earn money online, 5 Ways to earn money online                                                                                                                           

These ways are surely give you an instant money so start

(1)-Affiliate Marketing_

Affiliate marketing is on first no. to earn money online. Affiliate marketing is you also done with your whats app and other social media accounts. Only you can do that copy and paste your link with your whats app group and facbook. 

In affiliate marketing is free to start earning. Affiliate marketing sites are give you free to make a affiliate member. You are only done to go the affiliate site and get your product link and sell it to your whats app group and any other sites.

It is very easy and good work because where you get the product is free to get and the buyer where you sell the product not pay extra cost to buy the product. There is also no charge for signing up to the site.

You only done to sell the company product with your family or friends by making whats app group or on sell product on social media. When you are a blogger and growing a high traffic so can easily earn in one night. 
In any work of online or offline you are not earn in one night some time is taken by any of work. In affilate marketing many of member are earning 1200$ pr month.


Freelancer is a person or business who work freely in her own time and project who has based on her skill. Freelancer is not a worker who work for a company for a fix salary, it works for his own comfort and his chose company. Freelancer work for different company for different work and the earning was set by the freelancer.

freelancer is also free to start. Freelancer sites are give you the opportunity to start free signup and search work with him. 

It is little tough in start to search work but when you get a work and had a experience you the the work easily. When you get at the site of freelancer you got your profile ready and give some demo of your skills at the profile you get work easily.

Freelancer is based a work site where you sell your skill and get the work of a client. In profile got your skill properly. Many people who have no skill he do data entry work. 

For every freelancer has a work for in freelancing sites . The most popular sites like upwork, Fiverr has 3 million+ members. In freelancing many of freelancer are earning 5000$ pr year. 


Blogging is a long term process of earning. It is free to start and signup for get earning. Blogging is a earning method where you write a article in a pacific topic and get it to the google search engine. When the blog who you made get the traffic you earn money. 


You start doing blogging with or wordpress. Where the wordpress is paid website but the blogger is free and it s website of google. You easily go  to the and signup with your email. Then create a blog and write article. 

In blogging first you not earn money but when you done your hard for 1-2 months you get the result and start the earning. You simply in the blog add a ad and get commission by the google AdSense. 

In blogging many of blogger are earning 1000$ per month. 

(4)_You Tube_

You all know about You tube. You tube is second most popular search engine, first is google. You tube is a search engine where you just found your answer by a video and audio. In You Tube many members are make video and publish it to Youtube

You get earn money by youtube easily. You just chose a topic make a video on the topic. Giving a full explain about your topic and upload at youtube. You need to do this work at daily propose. In one video and one day you not get earning. 

Get your topic and daily upload a video on your topic. When your channel get 400 subscriber and 1k likes your channel get ranked on you tube. When you get your traffic you just add adsense and get your earning.

In you tube you not just only earn by adsense but also earn by affiliate marketing just put the link of product you promoting on your description you get result and money. In this time many of blogger earning 10,000$ per month.

(5)_Microsites and apps_

Microsites are the site who is not small but the site who give you little task to get money. The microsites are give you to watch a you tube video and you get 1$ or watch the ad. Many microsites websites are fake but many are good websites.

By miscrosites you not earn many of money but you earnsmall money like 10 or 5$ pr day. it is free to do you just go to the site and signup with your gmail. Then he gives you some work when you done it they pay you the money.


The Apps are who you used in your mobile phones and smart phones. The app are many type like he give you a task to done or give you a survey. A app meesho is a dropshipping business where you just sell a project by adding your earning.

In meesho you just select a product fix a margin for you and sell it like affiliate. You operate this with your smart phone. A app of google is google opinion who was pay you for giving answer of some question.

You earn 300$ per month from microsites and meesho earning is depend on your work.

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Monday, 13 April 2020

Earn money online by Freelancing, Tips & Tricks to Earn


What is freelancing_

freelancing is a work who is done by a person from his choice at his time when he was free. It is not like a job who give you salary for a month it was a job who depend on you how many hour you work you will pay that of money. The means of freelancing that you are free for work whenever your mind tell to work you got your work no force of any thing. You know freelancing then know about freelancer.


What is Freelancer_

Freelancer is the person who done the job of freelancing. The person who was a self employed and committed to any company or person for the work. The freelancer is work at many companies as a contract basis as not work for a single company employee. Freelancer has the freedom to pic there project and work.

Why freelancing is good for earn online_

Freelancing is free to coast and no charge you for opening account and get the work. Where the other job demand for some money for the work. There in the freelancing you earn a great income. how money hour you work and what is the quality of your work is give you the money. Freelancing is good from the other method of earning online because it a loyal and very big business you not got work from the site 

The site only a way to connect you to with the buyer who is seeing for a person who done his work. Then like you post your skills and the work is yours. You chat with the buyer about the work and pay on the site or in personal. In freelancing I am saying again its your choice to work how you work that you earn.

Top 10 freelancing website_

Here we take you to a ride of top 10 freelancing website who gives you the believe and honesty for him. These sites are paid more then the other sites because it was very old sites-


Upwork is a very old and loyal of freelancer company. It is a global freelancing platform where independent and businesses professionals are connect and done work for some person or company.

Upwork offers tool to kick start your journey with freelancing. It give a special offers to the beginner you sent proposal to the buyer. In upwork the method of working is simple sent proposal  to buyer and then he contact with you by email chat with buyer and give them offer work for them and get your money. How to start:

  • Go to the site and get to the signup.
  • Then put your real email on the upwork.
  • Then Edit the profile properly giving some demo of your work, about your skills and more.
  • Then come to upwork search a perfect work according to your skills send proposal.
  • Wait for response when response is come grab it and take it from chief pay.
  • When you got experience you get high pay for a contract.


Fiverr is a speed increasing freelancing website. It is showcase the finished projects of your so the client easily take your offer. In Fiverr there is second largest website because it was many no. of clients are so far. The website give you to get your proposal on the site and the site show it to the clients.


The process of signing is same to upwork, but its has not a function to directly sent the proposal to the buyer.

(3)-People per hour_

People per hour has large area of freelancer It has over 1.5 million freelancers that used this site. The site give a rating to every freelancer. This site is very good but the competition was very high so you always be better then your competition. 

The process of signing and working is same from the fiverr, but working is hard from fiverr. 


The freelancer is a good site for a beginner and also for experience worker. The crowd rate is very high in this site. this site give you the security of your money and work done. 


Toptal is again a good site to work for freelancer. Toptal is the largest fully-remote company globally. With over 500 core team members in 60+ countries and operations in many more, we connect the world's top talent with the world's top organizations. Toptal is give more earning but the work was hard with the Toptal. You sell got hard work to toptal

(6)- Simply Hired_

Simply Hired is a simple processing for a freelancer site. This site is also give you the freelancing but also give some part time job in your area. You simply done it website with the your mobile phone, this website has a app where you can done your work.


This is a well established and old site. This site delivers high quality worker and work for the clients. This company is awarded many time as a freelancer firm. There is a list of salary price according to your skills you get total knowledge about it.

(8)-The creative group_

This is also a good freelancing website. Who offers your application to get work bases on your skills. It is allows to create a linkdin profile to get a job for your skills.
Once their is opportunity who suits your skill you sent the proposal.

(9)-Task Rabbit_

Task rabbit is a website where not of all the jobs are digital this site focuses on house work. It is provides the assembling, plumbing, moving and packing works. You can find this type of job on Task Rabbit.


Guru is a another freelancer site who gives you chance to make a freelancer and join guru team of freelancing. In guru you found the job of your skills like web design, Data entry and many others..

Tips And Tricks to get work_

There is the tips you will apply to get work:

  • When you are a beginner you should start your work with Upwork or Fiverr because is was the site who gives more importance and work to beginner.
  • When you create your account paste your real email or working email in profile.
  • When you fill your profile fill it right about your skills and details.
  • In your profile always give a demo work of your skills.
  • Write a impressive bio and send many proposal to buyer.
  • When you get experience you get work done it with a great quality show your buyer give you good review.
  • When your reviews is good you get work easily.

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Sunday, 12 April 2020

Affiliate Marketing


What is an Affiliate Marketing_

Affiliate marketing is a type of reward-based marketing where the company(who you promote) is giving you the reward for selling the product or services. The company is given a reward every time you sell their projects by yourself. Making an affiliate network is also affiliate marketing.

An arrangement by the marketing for an online retailer pays commission from an external website for traffic or sales generated by him. Many get their affiliate marketing by blog posts. They are driving traffic on the blogs and getting cash.

Affiliate marketing is such that you have joined a company and promote or sell their product and services from an external link or with other things so the company gives you a reward for generated your traffic and sales. Affiliate marketing is a work where you work for a company or organization but you are not a worker of the company. It is totally performance-based marketing or work, what is your performance, it is your earning.


The strategies we teach within the program are simple enough for anyone to follow and yet INCREDIBLY POWERFUL. 

Students young and old learn exactly how to build massive email lists of their own using incredibly simple poll pages. This is like nothing anyone has ever seen before and makes sense to even the most newbie beginners. 

Throughout the training get the total email list affiliate, affiliate with google, youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. When you finish this you 100% guaranteed to earn 1000$ per day with affiliate marketing in first month of starting. 

What is Affiliate_

An Affiliate is an organization, business entity, or individual that is related to and often controlled by a third party. This control is all about extending to share management and common use of facilities like the fulfillment of customer service. 

 Affiliate Marketing

That person who is given a license by some company to sell their products or services. Affiliate is meant to officially connect to an organization. Affiliate is a Latin word that means 'adopt a son'. 

What is Marketing_

Marketing is the study of making a relationship with your customer and other company.

Marketing is promoting your product, services, and others by using advertisements, help from other people, and any organization. It is the process of a business required mostly. Marketing is the action of promoting and selling of products or services according to market research and advertisement. 

Earn with Affiliate Marketing_

Earning with affiliate marketing is an easy way to earn money online from home. Affiliate marketing is the way where beginners also earn money.

For earning money you are patient and work hard for some time. You didn't need any degree or anything you just go to the website and get your affiliate link past it where the people who need the product you chose to affiliate or you think see buy this. 


Affiliate Marketing


 You have earned 100$ per month and when you experience that you earn money you didn't think it is possible. Only do patients in the work when you like it is not done contact to me.

There are many ways I tell the website who gives you a chance to earn money by promoting his products. He is giving the name of the top 10 affiliate sites and telling them how you did the affiliate. 

Some of the affiliates are earning a passive income of 10,000$ per month. You also earn not that far but some of this. But with your hard work, you will also get at this level.



Amazon is very popular and big website in the world because there are a large number of traffics is come from worldwide. Amazon is the best website for affiliate marketing in world because it is most trustable and loyal site for the affiliate.



 This site gives you commission for products to sell. The commission Amazon is given is 17%-24% of the rate of the product. It was a good affiliate profit. How to get affiliate:

(a)- First go to the amazon website here.

(b)- Then go the sign up upper left site. Go and fill your details then come down on the page, in the last search word ‘affiliate marketing program’ then click there and then click in 'join now for free'.

(c)- you got your affiliate dashboard where you look at the earning of your affiliate sales. Go to the products and click at product links search for a product and get their link.

(d)-There are 3 options for choosing your product but you chose a banner link. Because it is easy to show and explain to your customer.


(e)-Paste the link in your Facebook pages or post, blog and groups where they got clicked and you grow the commission junction. 

(f)-Not in one day you get results, it takes some days to get revenue. Get a new link every day, because the amazon link is only active for 24 hours, so do it again and get paid

Amazon gives millions of revenue sharing to their affiliates to promote products. Many affiliates earn 1000$ per day from amazon.


For more get here



 Clickbank is also a good Website to affiliate marketers. It is trustable website because it is so old. Clickbank provides affiliate marketers to other companies, many of the companies are coming to find affiliates, because they believe in Clickbank. 



This site Clickbank is given a very high commission for the affiliate. The highest commission there is 70%. It was a very high commission you get very high earning from this site. How you work :

(a)- Go to the ClickBank website. 

(b)- Get sign up and then the Clickbank show your dashboard go to the marketplace.

(c)- Choose a product and the ClickBank gives you their link.

(d)- Get that link and spread all over to get more money.

   for more..

(3)- Meesho_

Meesho is an Indian-origin social e-commerce app and site which was founded by the visit Autrey and Sanjeev Barnwell, graduates from IIT Delhi. This was the first startup that got the investment from Facebook in 2019.

Meesho is India's largest reselling business app. This app gives you no limit on what you earn.

The app is based on social media share or with reselling support. 



Meesho is the best affiliate site you would try. It has a large customer service, for their online marketing place. It was a site where you earn by affiliating the product of meesho by giving your price rate.

This app is like amazon but it was so small from amazon. You have earned so far from this. Its gives your own margin of earning. for more..

(4)- Bluehost

Bluehost is a leading web hosting company. It started in 2003, founded by Mett Heaton and Danny Ashworth in Provo, Utah. Bluehost has a custom range of 2 million+. Bluehost provides web hosting for 2+ million customer and daily there joining new members.

Bluehost is a good website and gives the perfect earning for your referral. Bluehost affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs available online. 




The program offers a basic plan starting at just $2.95/month. Using this program, bloggers can make money online. Bluehost provides services to more

than 2 million websites with excellent customer service. more...


(5)- Awin_


Awin is another good option to earn with the affiliate marketing. It offers affiliates to come and promote products and earn money. 

Previously known as Affiliate Window, it is now referred to as Awin and is definitely worth a mention. It is currently active in 11 countries for 1600 brands.

Awin helps both digital and physical products.



ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network based company, based in the river north in Chicago, IL USA. The year of start is 2000, from 20 years ShareASale giving a very good network of affiliate. 

The objective is to provide customers with an advanced affiliate marketing platform. ShareASale strives to deliver the best product to everyone and support it with superior customer services provided by the people who follow up and provide real solutions.

ShareaSale is one of the affiliate marketers who enjoy a good reputation. They feature products from multiple categories like beauty supplies, branded sports products, luxury goods, and eye wear. for more..






 They support almost 5,000 brands and the best part -the signup process for the program does not cost anything. The process is all about we talk in first one same.    


(7)- Partnerstack_

PartnerStack is an excellent software that covers all aspects of a partner program- VAR, customer referral, affiliate. PartnerStack is a business to business work software. This gives you a single platform to fully support your partner marketing, referral, and resell channel need.

PartnerStack  is a popular affiliate program focusing on the promotion of digital products.

PartnerStack offers a simple dashboard and the platform scales with your program offers and customizations.

It is the best affiliate if you plan to sell apps. for more..


Weebly affiliate is not a big affiliate program but also there is a strong program holding for there affiliate marketers. They give you the 30% commission of every time a person comes from your link.


Weebly is a platform that give the commission but also gives you a regular bonus for promotion. You also get the chance to make your most of the traffic with Weebly's high EPCs.

Weebly has an affiliate program where it gives you to earn 25$ for every person you join.

Weebly is a website builder with some 40 million members. Weebly is very safe and loyal for her customer. For more..



 (9)- Cj Affiliate_

Cj affiliate is a company which was founded in 1998 in Santa Barbara, California, USA. About 20 years cj affiliate is the more trusted and established name in affiliate marketing.

Cj Affiliate

Cj affiliate is making a change in your mind because it gives a very high commission. It covers about 300 top brands of the world. CJ Affiliate has the potential to give life to dead companies. 

CJ Affiliate has a greater adaptability and its pay per sale is comparatively higher than other affiliates through direct sites.One can even see information on individual advertisers and their performance on the site. Cj affiliate is made by conversant..


(10)- Swegbucks_

Swagbucks is a very big website but I did very small works like is done survey from many side and other works. How you done affiliate with this site is sign up and go to the referral. You need to go paste and post the URL in Facebook groups or your family, friends, and others. 



·        Do not lose your hope no one gets success in one night it is needed for some work to got the best affiliate marketing person.

·         Make a blog and facebook pages for your link. Who gives you the search engine traffic.

·Advertise your link in the chance you are possible to do...


· Make a youtube channel and put your affiliate link in the description.

· Make your social media active and post your link in many social media accounts.


·Make a group of what’s app and others and sent your product link in the group.


· Publish ads on facebook by using facebook ads, it is the best way for affiliate marketing.



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