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Thursday, 14 May 2020

online earning money, 15 ways to earn money online


online earning money, 15 ways to earn  money online

Do you try? To get online earning money. No! then this is the right time where all world are coming into a small desktop.

There are many times you try to get online earnings, but no result. do not worry anymore you are on the right track.!

15 ways to earn  money online

Because  there are many options we are giving to you. What is your skill choice and get cash in your pocket?

We are showing you below about some of the ways to online earning money without investment. Let’s Start.


15 Ways to get online earning money


1-Online earning money with blogging

Blogging is a long tail idea for getting cash. It gives you earning in approx 3-4 months, but the potential is very big for blogging.

When you work for 3-4 months regularly, you and anyone can earn 500$ per month in starting. Everyone who starts a new blog gets confused for what is blogging? How to start? Where did I get my earnings?

Online earning money with blogging

When you get some experience you are the king.  I started a blog in 2015 but there is no earning for 3-4 months, but I never give up today and earn 1000$ per day from my blog.

I do research and knowledge about how to start a blog? How to get traffic?

 Start a blog today..


2-Earn money online with Affiliate marketing

If you are very serious about earning money online and your only passion is money then affiliate marketing for you.

There is a very high scope of affiliate marketing due to the online shopping trend in 2020.

There are many online companies like amazon, flipkart, clickbank, cj etc. where you can get the products to promote and get your commission.

In affiliate marketing you simply help consumers to buy the right products. For that you got the commission of 3-20%.

More knowledge about affiliate marketing..


3-Become a freelancer

Freelancing is the most popular way of online earning for students and employees. Freelancing is based on your skills work where many small and big companies give work based on your skills.

Freelancer has given you work for part time or temporary bases, you easily paid for hourly work.

Freelancing has a big potential but earning money is only based on your skills and working hours. It easily gives you $500-$2000 per month, but it goes up & down with your work.

Become a freelancer

You can work as a content writer, web designer, graphics designer or provide services like SEO, data entry, video testimonials, digital marketing etc.

There are many websites who provide work for freelancers like upwork, fiverr, toptal etc.

Get a freelancer more…


4-Money As youtuber

Youtube is the most trending topic to earning money online. It is simple like blogging is for blogging is writing format and youtube is video format.

Youtube is the same like blogging, Youtube has SEO, keyword research, content and many similar things like blogging.

You can start your youtube channel for free, then need to upload some videos and then become a youtube partner to earn money.

You can create different kinds of videos like prank videos, comedy videos, kitchen recipes, how-to-do videos, travel tips, technology or anything you think, is useful for people.

When your channel get 4k views, 1k subscribe and 4 k likes you can apply for youtube partner program

When you get the approval your videos show ads in every user who sees ads you get the credit.

Earn money youtube..



There are many ways who can help you to make extra income in free hours. You can make $300-$500 per month by doing simple tasks like watching ads, youtube videos, downloading some files etc.


There are many websites like mTurk, MicroWorker, SEOClerk, ClickWorker, GigWalk where you can work as a micro worker & earn extra income. After signup, we will show you how to work as a Micro-worker and make money.

These websites give you simple tasks but the earning is low for every task. So you can do many tasks in 1 hour but the earning does not go so high.

It takes as entertainment + money for more…


6-Online earning with online surveys

Online surveys are done by many sites. But Why? Because many companies have to launch their product in the market but they need to know about how the consumers are going.  So they give contracts to many sites.

You can make easy money by completing surveys of 5-20 minutes depending on the particular site.

You can fill your feedback and opinion in a survey. Surveys are held with options; you only choose your option and not need to write anything.


7-Captcha solver Jobs

If you have free time and need to do some easy and interesting work so there is an option of captcha solver.

This is one of the easiest ways to get money online. As a captcha solver you need to find images, text and other characters and type them.

Captcha solver Jobs

You need to be fast to earn good income. You can easily get paid $1-$2 for every 1000 captcha you fill.


8-Stock and forex trading

Stock trading & forex trading is a very lucrative way to make money for those who have a good idea of the market.

There are many sites growing in 2020 who give you the chance to trade online in real time.

There are many courses available on the internet to train you as a trading expert.

It is risky to enter this market without any knowledge but there are many ways to give you proper knowledge about it like newspapers, economic times, bbc, cnbc and many more.


9-Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is like a personal assistant who can help to earn money by working online for someone without being physically present.

They can do variety of work like taking care of website, counseling, writing, publishing content, marketing etc.

Virtual Assistant

There are many companies like hire my mom, my tasker, zirtual, 123 employees where you can sign up for free and be a virtual assistant.


10-Earn as Online seller

Online selling is not like the sell in your shop, the online sell products are sold all over the country. In your small shop you never sell products outside your local area but there is a scope.

There are several ways to sell products online.

You can create a website for your own business and build it for online shops or you can join as a seller at famous shopping portals like amazon, flipkart, ebay etc.

You can also sell products near your local area, you can only do some normal work like post a photo and some details of the product in a shopping portal.


11-Writing jobs

Writing is a very popular way in the minds of those who have no skills in other works.

Writing jobs are all about writing different types of content to any companies, bloggers or people. Different types of writing jobs pay differently.

Normally people pay $5-$20 for 500-1000 words content. Many freelancing sites give many jobs in these categories.

You can get sites like fiverr, upwork, writer bay, and many others to get money for your content.


12-Sell photos online

This is another simple work to do for earning, you can also do this with your smartphone.

You can take quality pictures of any place, product, humans and what you think of any image you can sell.

There are many big sites like shutter stock, unsplash, fotolia, and photobucket where you can submit your photo. When any customer wants to purchase your photo you get paid.


13- Earn money with Apps

There are many smartphone apps who paid you some extra money for completing some task and simple work.

This site does not give you 1000$ per day but it gives 100-200$. There are no. of apps like swagbucks, ibotta, shopkick and many others.

Earn money with Apps

You have to do small works like watching youtube videos, downloading some files and other.


14- Domain trader

Domain traders are the people who buy expired domains, grow their authority and then sell in the market at a higher rate.

It is all online work but there you have done some investment to buy domains.

You have to get detailed knowledge to get profit in this business.

You can easily register in a great names domain, there you need to know about the companies who need the domains in future. Buy these domains and when companies need the domain name, you easily sell at high prices.

Also you have auctions in many sites for your domain name. There you get many according to your price.


15- Provide training

There is very popular work for earning money online is to do training for many students online. If you have a skill for anything you can easily start a coaching for that.

Provide training

You can promote your training through websites or social media.

You can get money through your students and follow ups.

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