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How to earn money with Google, Earn 1000$ per week

How to earn money with Google : This right here was a payment I got for using a Google tool for 30 minutes this is a stack of cash. Now if you want re

How to earn money with Google, Earn 1000$ per week

How to earn money with Google : This right here was a payment I got for using a Google tool for 30 minutes this is a stack of cash. Now if you want results like these and stacks of cash then all you have to do is go to www.google.com. The latest ways of making money online.

How to earn money with Google

You may earn more than this the same or a little bit less. I can tell you one thing if you don't follow the exact steps in this post results like these will not be possible for you. Okay so let's go ahead and jump into the three steps now. I will be doing a fifty dollar cash giveaway this Friday so if you want to win this cash giveaway all you have to do is enter with the rules at the end of this post.

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Okay so make sure to enter the cash giveaway and I'll see you this Friday hopefully. You win now the three steps to making two hundred fifty five dollars per hour from Google Translate are number.

 I'm going to be unveiling how to utilize the Google tool to produce cash.

I'm going to show you the top three websites that will pay you big.

I'm gonna show you my thousand dollar per day autopilot system but that will be as a bonus towards the end. So make sure to read all the way through this post now this right here is the Google Translate tool.

This tool will not be paying you will be utilizing this tool on the three websites. I'm about to show you and these three websites are ranked from lowest paying to highest paying.

So make sure to stick all the way through but the cool thing about this tool is that you can press this right here right and everything that this tool. Here's it will type out for you and that's called transcription okay.

Transcription in fact you can even transcribe from English to Spanish as you can see. You could transcribe from Spanish to English and lots of other languages. Hundreds of other languages with this tool ok. So as you see right here this tool works awesome I mean it just transcribed everything. That I said and there are businesses out there that will pay you to transcribe.

What you hear okay now you don't even have to do the work. You're letting the Google Translate tool do the work for you. It's completely free so the money you're gonna be earning doesn't require any of your efforts okay. Just let Google Translate do all of the work.



Now the first website okay that we're gonna go to now this isn't the highest paying website. This is the lowest paying website but it's one you're gonna get want to get started with is go transcript.com. Go transcript.com okay they will pay you sixty cents per audio minute or per video minute.

The average earnings per month on this site are one hundred and fifty dollars. The top monthly earnings which is you know obviously more of what we're going to achieve is 1215 dollars. Okay because you're using the tool you will be able to get maximum output and be doing as many of these transcription jobs as possible.

So the top monthly earnings will be more achievable utilizing this tool okay. Now again there's higher paying web sites out there that I'm about to show you. But this is definitely one you want to get started with especially an extra thousand bucks a month.

That is a great start as a either a side hustle or something that you can actually build into a little bit bigger of an income. Okay so all you're gonna do is press apply now to this job. You're gonna press apply now and it's gonna ask you to apply that's all you have to do and you can get started with Go transcript calm okay. There have they have transcription jobs from home so you could work from home comfort of your home.

How to earn money with Google

Get paid reliably you will receive weekly payout so that's actually really nice because of a typical nine-to-five job. You get paid by-weekly you get a paycheck every two weeks.

They are gonna pay you out directly to your PayPal account every single week. So you don't have to worry about your money not getting sent to you. It's gonna be sent to you right away work flexible hours work as much or as little as you want.

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So if you have extra time during the day. You could do that or maybe you have a full day that you just want to make money the whole day. You could do that as well okay choose your own project, projects receive great support. Grow your skills stay busy enjoy work variety. You know just enjoy these transcription jobs with the tool that I showed you okay.


GMR transcription .com

So this is a great site to get started with now the next site is even better okay this one is called GMR transcription .com. GMR transcription.com now this site is higher-paying okay and as you see right here the founder you could view his LinkedIn profile. But he said our primary goal is to offer the highest customer satisfaction by offering accurate transcription and translation services.

Okay so lots of businesses big businesses come here to get transcription jobs to you know get things translated or just get you know the words for the videos. Now what you're gonna do is you're going to go up to careers and you're gonna click on that and that's gonna bring you to the next page but as you see there's thousands of job. You know businesses McDonald's, AT&T Levi's, Dell, Amazon working with this company. But once you click careers it's gonna bring you to this page right here okay. Now transcribe better earn better our transcription errs typically earn between 1,000 to 3,000 per month. Okay, now you're earning 3,000 from this site urine maybe another thousand from the other site that's four thousand bucks.

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The last site I'm going to show you pays out even more than this. So that really adds up okay so this is great you can click here to apply general transcription or Spanish transcription translators. I know that they pay even more for the Spanish transcription but you don't have to speak Spanish you just go over here to Google Translate and you can transcribe in Spanish as well.

Okay so that is really cool now if we scroll down no fees or experience need continuous growth and learning work from home flexibility. You can even watch this testimonial of this lady that you know has made hundreds even thousands of dollars per month doing this. This is recommended by lots of different websites flex jobs full time jobs for moms, full time jobs at home. the work at home wife okay.

You could see that there are lots of people earning paychecks and enjoying their transcription jobs okay. So you can go ahead and apply here this is the second site and it's a great way to get started. Now the last site okay this is the best site out there the most reputable transcription site out there and that is rev.com. Rev.com okay this is where I have personally gone and spent thousands of dollars on transcriptionists meaning.

How to earn money with Google

You could have been on the other end of that. I would have been giving you money right to do transcriptions for youtube videos for you know promo videos for videos on that I'm running for advertisements right and they charge the most because they have really fast turnaround times. You know they have bigger businesses coming to them CBS Viacom PBS right really big businesses coming here.

You know getting transcription services so what you can do is apply on this site to become a transcriptionist. Now they're giving this how much they charge right one, dollar twenty-five per minute and foreign subtitles. They charge even more three to seven dollars per minute so you can see how that can add up exponentially.

So what you're gonna do is you're gonna scroll all the way down and you're gonna go to careers. Alright careers right here and that's gonna open up the freelance jobs. Alright so we can see freelance jobs work home from home with Rev earn money transcribing or captioning from home.

So you can do this from home, from anywhere in the world. All you need is Google Translate, right maybe a computer or even your cell phone and this site right here. So create a flexible work schedule right you can choose from hundreds of jobs every single day as much as you want and get paid weekly. Receive weekly payouts via PayPal for all work completed at Rev.com.

That is really cool so as you see right down here transcriptionists earn 30 cents to $1.10 cents per minute and captioners. Earn 54 cents to $1 -10 cents per minute now. If you scroll down to know a foreign language alright subtitler one dollar fifty to $3.00 per minute. So this is what you can do is the foreign language because you don't need to know the other language as long as Google Translate does the work for you.

Okay you can get paid out big as you see right here we could see that Tiffany says. I'm thoroughly pleased with the company as a stay-at-home mom have been looking for a long time for a legitimate part-time job at home to earn some extra money. Occupy my brain and stay fresh in the workplace right Kiera said my first week I made 70 bucks my husband gave me the I believe. It when I see it you know lots of people doing this as a side gig or even a full-time gig.

This person says I work 30 hours a week as a legal secretary and do Rev part-time and they've been featured in the penny hoarder Forbes and Business Insider. So as you see very legit site to get started with now. This is a great way to maybe earn a few hundred bucks per day but you're constantly having to trade your time for money okay if you're someone who wants to earn maybe over a thousand dollars per day and not have to put in all of this work.

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Applying to all these jobs and hoping that you get accepted. That's going to show you exactly how I'm earning over a thousand dollars per day no experience required no degree required right and this is something that you can start up today. Okay so make sure to click that first link down below this post and then enter the $50 cash giveaway that I'm doing this Friday.

How to earn money with Google

Okay so all you have to do is subscribe to the site and turn on the notifications by clicking the bell okay that's going to immediately notify you when I do that announcement. Number two comment on my next five post including this one the longer comments the better okay you can comment as many times as you want that will even increase your chances. Share my video by clicking the little share button, share it on social media leave a thumbs up. You can watch on additional ways to make money online click one of those and I will see you in the next one take care.

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