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Sunday, 7 June 2020

Earn online with youtube, $10,000 per month


Earn online with youtube, $10,000 per month

Earn online with youtube: Can you go from 0 to over $10,000 on YouTube. As a complete beginner without filming your videos support away from your camera and with no previous experience sounds impossible right. Well in this post I will prove to you that literally, anyone can do this. I will show you a proof of multiple people that did this.

Earn online with youtube, $10,000 per month
Earn online with youtube, $10,000 per month

Then step by step how you can do this as well. But before that, if you're interested in making money on YouTube and you want to see how we can go from a literally zero to earn 1000 subscribers in less than a week. You want to see how I personally make money on YouTube from some of my other YouTube channels. So not this one some other YouTube channels where I don't have to be in front of a camera without filming or editing.

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Adsense earn

My videos without affiliate marketing, without selling anything on my YouTube channels and even without ad revenue. So no Google Adsense needed so it's very unique strategy to make money on YouTube. If you want to learn more about it and you want to see step by step how I can set it up for yourself.

I'm also sharing with you different ways you can grow your YouTube channels. Like how you can go from zero with thousands and thousands of views and thousands of subscribers on your YouTube channel really quickly. So we can start this tutorial okay. So today I will show you how you can use this tool to copy and paste and get those videos done from. Which you can make over ten thousand dollars a month on autopilot but let me first show you proof that people are actually doing this successfully.

Earn online with youtube, $10,000 per month

Before I show you step by step how you can replicate their success. How you can start doing this from today. I want to show you that this post is actually worth your time so here's the first channel that does it so these guys are reposted or edit confessions posted by other people. This takes less than 30 minutes a day with the tools which I'm about to give you in this post and they make three times more than average American that works full-time from 9:00 to 5:00.

it's insane right so copy and paste something from the comfort of your own home. You can make full-time income sounds crazy but take a look at this according to the social blade. They make up to twenty-four thousand dollars a month now that's some really broad estimate when social blade says it's something like this. My personal experience it means it's probably something in between those two numbers.

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$12,000 per month

So they probably make around $12,000 a month maybe sometimes a little bit more. But still, that's quite a distance since all they do is re-posting other people's or Reddit confessions. I mean take a look at one of their videos it's just a screenshot of someone's already post plus and game wills. So when we took him to the robotic voice in the background and as some copyright free music. They're monetized they make loads of money every single month and this is not the only channel that does it there are many different channels. That do the same thing as well we sampled these guys as well these guys make these. These guys have fewer subscribers but they still make around $10,000 a month just from the ad revenue.

Earn online with youtube, $10,000 per month

There are many different ways you can monetize your YouTube channels. I'll try when you can just be just a little slice out a huge pie of income. You can make it from those channels now. How can you get those videos done for free and in whale as in 30 minutes? How I can gather want me to down in last with the last in 30 minutes, with no previous kills, with no editing skills or whatever. Well, I'm gonna show you step by step right now our first step is gonna be coming over to reddit.com now. While it Reddit actually is for those of you guys that don't know well a Reddit is a community-based website with over 330 million active users.


Reddit confession

So you can come over to Reddit you don't even have to sign up. I mean if you want there you can click on the signup button and create an account. It's absolutely free but if you don't want to do that you can even just do it without an account. So you want to convert you reddit.com click on the search bar right here. You want to type in confession we are searching for different confessions and in those communities where people are confessing. You have over 1 million nine hundred and twenty thousand members.

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They're posting regularly in there. So you want to click on that and you're going to be able to see all those different posts regarding different confessions made by other people. Their new confessions coming in every single couple of hours like take a look. It is four hours ago thirty-four minutes ago fourteen hours ago and that's exactly what people love. That's exactly what people watch and those types of channels. We can actually make it quite a lot of money just from that like take a look at these people to reveal. The worst case of rich kid syndrome so you can now just find different confessions related to dad.

You can even search by keywords on here and find different stuff like I'd added my father's truck and blame it to someone else who is pretty interesting in controversial stories. That person just love reading and love watching you can see that those sample videos attract millions of viewers and not only can you make loads of cash to just from the ad revenue. As well there are many different options for you to monetize that kind of channel and if you don't know already you need one thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of watch. Them in order to start running ads on your YouTube videos so you can start making money from those views.

Earn online with youtube, $10,000 per month

 Don't worry even if you don't have one thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of watch time. At the end of the video, I'm gonna help you with that as well so you can get started in no time. Actually, start making money in no time so that was step number one and come over to reddit.com. You want to search for different confession step number two. It's gonna be taking a screenshot or like 10 to 20 different confessions from Reddit. So you want to open it up you want to click on the confession you like.

Then you want to open up some screenshots a tool you can either go over to Google and search for free screenshot tools. You're gonna be able to come across like thousands of different tools that you can use. You can even use some that are there already on your computer. So for example I personally use the snipping tool on my windows computer. So I can click on new and I will be able to just take a screenshot out of this so you can see this is a nice story. Which I can use now I can just save it up to my computer.

I will save it as number one that was the confession number one. Now I can go back here now I can select the second one that I like this is too long. So then you don't want to deal with too long confessions this one will be perfect. So I will fake a screenshot of this as well I'll open up my snipping tool. I will take a screenshot and you'll just need to do it like this for like 10 or 20 times until you get to have like 10 to 20 different screenshots. That's gonna take you just like two or three minutes. That's this step number two, step number three, and a really important part and that is if you don't want to do the voice-over yourself because you really want to have a voiceover reading this stack.

So it's actually engaging and people will actually watch those videos rather than just go to read it and read it by themselves. So they're actually watching your videos because you're gathering the screenshots for them and you are actually reading it for them. Now if you don't want to do a voiceover yourself maybe don't have a microphone or simply don't want to do it. Then you can do something like this guy is doing as well and he is actually being able to open the door. Pointed do you monetize his videos and make money from his videos by having a robotic voice. So a robot reads that text for you now.

I'm gonna have two different options for you first option is to use the TTSarena.com so this is already TT as a reader.com. All you have to do is enter your text here. So for example you type in don't forget to subscribe to investors. You can click on this take a look at it listen to this actually don't forget to subscribe to investors. This actually sounds like this actually sounds great. So I will play it once again don't forget to subscribe to the investor.

It's pretty natural and it's really nice now. We can save it up to your computer and use it and how you actually will find the types. You go back to that confession you took a screenshot out for example. It was this one you will grab the entire confession. You will copy it you will go back to here, you'll paste it in here click on play. I'm selfish and should be the first digital good you can see. It's get up to the operation, it's really similar to these guys. So you can now save it up to your computer and use it in your videos.

I'm gonna show you those steps as well but bear in mind that you actually have a commercial right to use this. You would need to pay like a run ten bucks or something like that.

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If you don't want to invest any money into this then don't worry because I have a free alternative for you and that is gonna be text-to-speech.org.

 So texttwospeech.org and right here is the pretty much the same thing, but it's not as natural as the previous one. Still, you can use it until you stop-start building your channel. Once you start making money than I actually recommend you invest like ten bucks into this. Getaway better voiceovers but definitely listen to this as well. To subscribe to my store take a look or actually listen to this. So legislate some scribe to investor you know it's a little bit more robotic.

Earn online with youtube, $10,000 per month

But still as I said you can use it in a beginning. It's not that bad at all so how do you save it to your computer. You just click on this for example speech to MP in speech mp3 and now it's in my computer. That's it so once you get it you think that the confession you copied. You paste it in some of these software's you press the play button. If you want to listen to it if not just save it to your computer and you are ready to use it.

Step number four so you will need some background music, some copyright-free background music you can actually monetize your videos. Still have music in the background like these guys have he told me to where you can actually get it. You can go over to Google and you want to search for a YouTube audio library. Once you do that click on the first link it's gonna look something like this. It's an actual YouTube's official website that allows you to download all these free music and use it in your videos.

You can even choose the jar so for example. You wanna make something nice I will do like classical maybe that would be a movie that would be cool. Then select the move may be calm or funky or happy inspirational maybe. I'll do like bright and you can sing the instruments as well. If you want to listen to this song for example I want to use the first one. I can click on it and listen to it of course. If that's something you like and if course, if that's something you want to put in the background of your videos.

You will just click on this arrow pointing down to download it to your computer. So for instance let's say I like this song even though. I really done but actually, let's save it to Mike if you double click on this. I have it on my computer and you basically do it on here. You can find thousands of different songs from which you can use, which you're free to use. You don't have to pay for anything we sample click on some song for example this one you will be able to see. That it says that you are free to use this song and monetize your videos.

you're able to you're free to use this song and earn money from the Adsense even if the song is running in the background which is really good. So YouTube will tell us covered or here.

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So that was step number 4

Go to YouTube audio library and find a song you like and let's click on the arrow pointing down to download it to your computer. Now that we have all that stuff done we have three screenshots of those confessions. We have the voice over and we have the music for the background. All we need to do is now put this together with some video editing software. Now don't worry you will not have to pay for them. There are many different free alternatives which you can use. So this is the one you can also use this as a shortcut door or you can come over to shortcut.org and download it to your computer.

You can also use the open shot door or this is available for Linux Mac and Windows as well. It's absolutely free as you can say simple and free you can come over to opera or and click on download. To download to your computer or if you're in a Mac. You can also use iMovie, I personally use Sony Vegas Pro 14 and let me show you how simple it is to use. It in this software and this is pretty similar to open shot and shortcut door work. So if you opt in to download some of these.

Earn online with youtube, $10,000 per month

It's gonna be easy for you to follow, so we need to do is add the black and the white background. Now I just need to open up those screenshots I will go to my downloads. I'll open up those screenshots from that point. I will just in the to add another audio track and I will need to add that speech so my voiceover. It's over here let's say this is the entire voiceover for this confession for this screenshot. I'll just drag this I will cut this and I'll also need to add another will you track for our music in the background.

So our copyright a free song that we previously downloaded from the YouTube audio library. I will upload that I will lower the sound a little bit and I will just repeat the process. We're all those other confessions to add the actual speech you have the screenshot. You add the speech below it you add another screenshot than the speech below it. The actual voice over and do it again and again and again until you make three or four or five minutes along with you. That will be really nice now you can just save it to your computer.

You're ready to really back to YouTube now. You have pretty much the same with you as these guys and from that point. You will just need to start making money and let's see how you can do it.

So now you have created a video you publish the video to YouTube but how do you make money how. These guys make $12,000 a month or sometimes even better they make money from the ad revenue. So they're running ads on their YouTube videos but for you in order to start running ads on your YouTube videos. You will need at least 1000 subscribers and at least 4,000 hours of watch them within the past twelve months. I guess if you're just starting out you don't have those requirements you don't have 1k subscribers and you don't have 4,000 hours of watch time well don't worry because YouTube ad revenue is just one of the ways you can make money from your channel.

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They're like zillion different ways you can monetize it even without one thousand subscribers and without four thousand hours or watch them. So you can sell something you can do a fillip marketing. You can do sponsorships and more and if you want to see how I personally make money on YouTube from some my other YouTube channels. So not this one some other YouTube channels where they don't have to be in front of a camera without filming or editing my videos without selling anything, without affiliate marketing and even without around. You know Google Adsense needed I'm not running ads and those YouTube videos.

Earn online with youtube, $10,000 per month

What I'm still making thousands of dollars every single week and it's just one of the most unique ways. You can make money on YouTube well that's gonna be the step by step training in the first link in the description of this YouTube video but not only will it reveal to you how I make money on YouTube.

Thursday, 4 June 2020

Get paid for talking to strangers, Earn 400$ per week


Get paid for talking to strangers, Earn 400$ per week

Get paid for talking to strangers : In today's video we're gonna be talking about three different websites where you can get paid to chat with strangers except yourself. How do I get paid Chatham strangers. You know my parents always told me not to talk to strangers.

Get paid for talking to strangers

Well first of all it's okay to talk to strangers as long as you are safe behind your computer like many keyboard warriors out there that love to spam and nasty. Plenty of others right because in the wild world of the anonymous internet. We are all safely protected behind our screen and living in our mommy's basement.

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So in today's post what we're going to be talking about is how you can earn four hundred dollars or more per week. Simply to talk to strangers via your keyboard. So let's jump right in the first website that we are going to be reviewing today.


Site staff

It is called a site staff and site staff was actually founded in colorado back in 2011. And so basically what sites that actually does is they provide businesses with chat software. Right they provide chat agents that help manage their software. You know you can actually become one of those chat agents. so right now you know they're hiring primarily remotely in the United States. But it's unclear if they're going to start hiring in other countries as well.

Which is why we have this one at number three site staff is a relatively good way to actually start earning ten dollars per hour. Simply for chat only position and so if you can type. You know up to 60 words per minute and you're pretty good with grammar and spelling and things like.

Get paid for talking to strangers

That then go ahead and go apply to a site staff.com. Where you can earn you know $10 per hour literally just to chat with strangers. The cool part is you know you can do this while you're doing other. You know side hustles so you can you know start earning ten dollars an hour. Then you know make $15 an hour $20 an hour by doing other things at the same time.

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Apple products

Ads actually focusing on site staff the number two best way to start making money just with chatting with strangers is actually being a wrap for a company. That probably many of us have actually heard of right. So if you love Apple and Apple products then maybe being an at home advisor for Apple is the right choice for you, because if you're an Apple fan boy like I am.

Who has an Apple phone and an Apple computer and a second Apple computer right. all and an Apple TVs and everything Apple makes right then maybe becoming what's called an at-home advisor. Would be right for you because if you already know a lot about Apple products. Then it's the perfect way to kind of start earning, some side income to save up to actually start you know a more scalable form of online passive income.

Get paid for talking to strangers

Basically what Apple at home advisor actually is you become a person support. Is what they call it right, it's not technical support. You're actually supporting people so you basically help people with their issues with Apple products. So if you've ever actually been on you know a customer chat with Apple, for example you'd actually be the ones supporting that customer chat.

The cool thing about Apple at home advisor is you can actually make significantly more than a $10 an hour like we talked about in our first option which was site staff right. Apple at home advisors actually can make anywhere from 15 it's even up to $23 per hour. Just to answer chats and they do actually also advise that you do have a telephone that you can actually do telephone support for. But from what I understand most of the support that you'd actually be doing is via chat.

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The cool part is you actually have other co-workers and a full network of other Apple at home advisors. That you can ask questions to and get support from. If there are questions that do come in that you don't actually know the answers to. as far as requirements when it comes to becoming an Apple at home advisor all the actual requirements that they have are that.

Get paid for talking to strangers

You have to speak English and you have to have a pretty good understanding. Know your way around Apple products like I think many of us do number one way to make money chatting online with strangers.

We will actually get to in just one second but I do want to give a shout out to my favorite comment from last post. Which is actually from heart of house mid-tempo who needs a degree. When you got Kevin so thank you for that part of house. If you want to be our next comment winner and get featured on our next video. I'm going to shout out just like that all you have to do is click the like button you see on your screen right now to show some love and then half on the subscribe button and make sure you turn on notification bells.

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So that you can join at the notification squad because we usually choose our comment winners from the people that comment within the first minute or so and those are the people who are always in the notification family.



So number one guys the best way to actually make money chatting with strangers is with a website called weebly.com. Basically what we bleed.com is a way that you can actually create easy to make online e-commerce stores and things like that. So what we really actually wants is self-motivated people right self-motivated individuals with kind of strong communication skills to help chat and provide customer service for their particular company right.

So Weebly is actually based out of Silicon Valley out of San Francisco, but they're hiring people from all over the US. So if you're in the US you can apply and the cool thing is you can get paid anywhere from seventeen to eighteen dollars an hour. But they do require at least twenty hours of work per week right. That is close to $400 per week working part-time from home just chatting with everyday people and customers via your computer.

Get paid for talking to strangers

The best part is guys there's so many different ways to start earning passive income you just have to start. So if you're looking for more ways to earn some passive income check out other post right here where we talk about the top 5 ways to start earning, passive income today.

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Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Earn money online with GTA online


Earn money online with GTA online

If you want to make money in GTA online. One of the best ways to do that is with businesses but the main problem with businesses. That I hear and experience pretty much every single day is how do I put this their repetitive is fee.

Earn money online with GTA

They take a long time just to get your money back that you spent on them in the first place and while most players are okay with that. There's a lot of players that just don't want to get caught up in that end game cycle of grinding out businesses and doing all that stuff.

 It pretty much becomes a second job so I've got you covered with the ten best ways to make money quickly in GTA online without a business. As always if you're new to the site make sure to subscribe. If you want to see more stuff like this.

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Earn with treasure hunts

There which I highly suggest you do the first way and an incredibly fast way to make money in GTA online is through the treasure hunts. So this is going to be number one two and three. You'll be able to start up the first treasure hunt when you get this email from vanderlyn. At I find calm once you finish that treasure hunt by following the steps that it gives you.

You're actually gonna earn two hundred and fifty thousand dollars all up and really that should only take you. I mean if you smashed it out probably half an hour or 45 minutes it's really not that long. You can start up the next treasure hunt when you get a text from Maud and again these ones are really simple.

She's gonna give you some bounty targets you go over either kill them or capture them for Maud. Once you kill or capture those five targets she's gonna get you to go and pick up the stone hatchet. Once you get 20 kills with the stone hatchet you're gonna get another 250 thousand dollars. So again really easy shouldn't take more than 45 minutes.

Earn money online with GTA

The third treasure hunt is for the Navy revolver and this one was added with the casino update. So this one's pretty new this one's gonna get you about two hundred and fifty thousand dollars as well. If you want to see how to do all of these treasure hunts I'd recommend checking out a rags-to-riches episode.

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One I went through all of those in depth you've probably watched like the last 20 minutes of that video that's gonna give you a good. The Arab how to do these so I'll leave a link to that below and we're gonna move on to the next way to make money.



Double money events

The next way to make some really easy quick money is through double money events. Every single week rockstar is gonna rotate what the double money event or even triple money event is for that week. A lot of the time this is something like contact missions which is really good.

If you don't have a business for example other times. This is gonna be things like races or maybe even motoboys. Something like that and I just find it really fun because it gives you a way to change things up. You know instead of just grinding out the same stuff over and over again. So this is something that you should definitely keep an eye on because on a good week some of these missions can even give you more money.

Than what you'd get from a business the only real downside. About this for anyone who doesn't own a business is that sometimes. The double money event for that week can actually be related to a business so for example. One week you might get double money for selling your bunker stock. If you don't have a bunker obviously that is completely useless to you. But still definitely keep an eye on it and make use of them. When they're available to you.

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Number five is time trials

Now you'll be able to check out the weekly time trials on your map and like I said they change weekly. When you complete the time trial you'll get around $100,000 for literally. If you do it right in the first go like under two minutes work for a lot of people. These can be pretty difficult and I'm not gonna lie these can take a lot of time for me as well, but we just cuz.

I suck at driving but $100,000 for you know even if it's 10 minutes or even half an hour like. That's not that bad what's great about the time trials as well is that sometimes the time trials can actually be the double or triple money.

Earn money online with GTA

Weekly event so if you see that a time trial is double or triple money. That week you're definitely gonna want to do that. That's some of the easiest money you can ever make in this game.


Robbery in progress

Next up we've got two different client jobs the first one is robbery in progress. Which unfortunately you will need a terabyte for, but once you get your terabyte this job is gonna give you thirty thousand dollars for like maybe five minutes work. This is extremely easy money man and it's something I like to do. When I'm getting sick of grinding out businesses it's a good change of pace robbery. In progress is going to send you to one of the banks around the map you have to go into your terabyte and find out which bank that is first.

Then all you need to do is go to the bank kill the guys that are robbing the bank is steal. The money and escape the cops of course you can make this even easier on yourself. But it's calling lesner to escape the cops so that makes this mission it's super duper easy. It's a really good way to make money.

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Diamond shopping

The next way is an even easier way to make money and that's another client job. This one is diamond shopping but unfortunately there is a big downside to this. One and that downside is that you need the drone station upgrade for your terabyte. Yeah it's not cheap it's over eight hundred thousand dollars but if you do have that upgrade.

This mission is even easier than robbery in progress like I said all you have to do is go to the jewelry store, steal the loot and deliver it. It's pretty similar to robbery in progress actually but this one's even quicker and the main reason for that is because you've robbed the same store every single time. So you don't really need to find out which bank it is around the map. You just know where it is you go to the store steal the money and lose the cops. So for this one some people have finished these missions in under three minutes. If you have an oppressor mark two for example and $30,000 in a couple of minutes. Yeah I'd take that at number eight I think we're at number eight number seven I don't know somewhere around there anyway.


VIP emissions

Up next we've got VIP emissions and if you're a grinder in GTA online you know what these are men. We're talking about headhunter and sites here all you need to do to become a VIP. Is have $50,000 in your bank account which pretty much everyone should have. Then just go into your interaction menu click on VIP work and start up a headhunter or a sightseeing mission just like your client jobs.

Earn money online with GTA

These ones can earn you up to thirty thousand dollars for just a few minutes work. So it's really easy really good headhunter is gonna set you out across the map to kill four different targets and I'd probably recommend using your Karuma or posit or even like an oppressor for this one.

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The main reason for that is because the bodyguards that are guarding the VIPs actually have a world of health. They're pretty accurate as well so if you're trying to go in on foot you might have a pretty hard time. So using these vehicles is gonna make it really easy. You can do these with multiple people. So if you've got like four friends to help you out. You can just do this in under a minute to be honest.

This can be really easy if you have a team. So I'd see you on the other hand is gonna set you out across the map to just collect three different packages. So for this one I'd probably recommend an air vehicle. So you can get across the map faster and again up to thirty thousand dollars for a couple minutes work. Alright but I've lost count of what number tip were on I don't know podcast. We play gonna go over ten okay. Ten just sounds nice for a title.

Casino story missions

Next up I've put the casino story missions and in my opinion these are probably the most underrated way to make money in GTA online. I feel pretty comfortable in saying that if you complete all of the casino story missions in order okay. That's the important part in order you'll end up earning over $1,000,000 for just a couple hours of missions. Now the only thing with this one is you will need or you'll need to know someone who has a penthouse. Because you need a penthouse to start these missions up.

Earn money online with GTA

If you're the one that decides to buy the penthouse. You'll also get the Paragon are armored sports car after you complete all of the missions as a host. On its own that car is worth just under 1 million dollars as well. So overall a great and really underrated way to make money. So definitely do them if you haven't done them already. The final way to make money quickly in GTA online is shot cards.

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Now this one is really easy all you need to do is link up your credit card to your console or PC and select which card you want no. Okay I can't know obviously I'm kidding at number 1.

We've got heists and hisis meant even though the community sort of low-key knows. How good they are I still think that sort of an underrated way to get money. If you complete all of the starting heists in order with your first time completion bonuses. You're gonna end up with around or maybe even over two and a half million dollars.

These ones are gonna give you somewhere close to that amount of money as well. Then you my favorite high switch is the latest. One the diamond casino heist and if you do this one correctly there's no reason. You shouldn't be getting at least 1.2 million dollars cut for yourself every single heist which normally takes around 2 hours. If you do it reasonably quick and obviously like I said this list isn't including businesses. But if you do have businesses what you can do is you can complete one of the diamond casino heists.


Sell your business stock

Earn money online with GTA

Sell your business stock and then complete another heist that's the blueprint for earning a lot of money really quickly and honestly. This heist on its own definitely comes close to when rivals honestly. I think it probably overtakes something like the vehicle warehouse in crate warehouse in terms of money per hour. Especially if you sell your other business stock in between heists. Now if you're a solo player and the thought of heist sort of freaked.

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Tuesday, 2 June 2020

How to earn money with Google, Earn 1000$ per week


How to earn money with Google, Earn 1000$ per week

How to earn money with Google : This right here was a payment I got for using a Google tool for 30 minutes this is a stack of cash. Now if you want results like these and stacks of cash then all you have to do is go to www.google.com. The latest ways of making money online.

How to earn money with Google

You may earn more than this the same or a little bit less. I can tell you one thing if you don't follow the exact steps in this post results like these will not be possible for you. Okay so let's go ahead and jump into the three steps now. I will be doing a fifty dollar cash giveaway this Friday so if you want to win this cash giveaway all you have to do is enter with the rules at the end of this post.

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Okay so make sure to enter the cash giveaway and I'll see you this Friday hopefully. You win now the three steps to making two hundred fifty five dollars per hour from Google Translate are number.

 I'm going to be unveiling how to utilize the Google tool to produce cash.

I'm going to show you the top three websites that will pay you big.

I'm gonna show you my thousand dollar per day autopilot system but that will be as a bonus towards the end. So make sure to read all the way through this post now this right here is the Google Translate tool.

This tool will not be paying you will be utilizing this tool on the three websites. I'm about to show you and these three websites are ranked from lowest paying to highest paying.

So make sure to stick all the way through but the cool thing about this tool is that you can press this right here right and everything that this tool. Here's it will type out for you and that's called transcription okay.

Transcription in fact you can even transcribe from English to Spanish as you can see. You could transcribe from Spanish to English and lots of other languages. Hundreds of other languages with this tool ok. So as you see right here this tool works awesome I mean it just transcribed everything. That I said and there are businesses out there that will pay you to transcribe.

What you hear okay now you don't even have to do the work. You're letting the Google Translate tool do the work for you. It's completely free so the money you're gonna be earning doesn't require any of your efforts okay. Just let Google Translate do all of the work.



Now the first website okay that we're gonna go to now this isn't the highest paying website. This is the lowest paying website but it's one you're gonna get want to get started with is go transcript.com. Go transcript.com okay they will pay you sixty cents per audio minute or per video minute.

The average earnings per month on this site are one hundred and fifty dollars. The top monthly earnings which is you know obviously more of what we're going to achieve is 1215 dollars. Okay because you're using the tool you will be able to get maximum output and be doing as many of these transcription jobs as possible.

So the top monthly earnings will be more achievable utilizing this tool okay. Now again there's higher paying web sites out there that I'm about to show you. But this is definitely one you want to get started with especially an extra thousand bucks a month.

That is a great start as a either a side hustle or something that you can actually build into a little bit bigger of an income. Okay so all you're gonna do is press apply now to this job. You're gonna press apply now and it's gonna ask you to apply that's all you have to do and you can get started with Go transcript calm okay. There have they have transcription jobs from home so you could work from home comfort of your home.

How to earn money with Google

Get paid reliably you will receive weekly payout so that's actually really nice because of a typical nine-to-five job. You get paid by-weekly you get a paycheck every two weeks.

They are gonna pay you out directly to your PayPal account every single week. So you don't have to worry about your money not getting sent to you. It's gonna be sent to you right away work flexible hours work as much or as little as you want.

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So if you have extra time during the day. You could do that or maybe you have a full day that you just want to make money the whole day. You could do that as well okay choose your own project, projects receive great support. Grow your skills stay busy enjoy work variety. You know just enjoy these transcription jobs with the tool that I showed you okay.


GMR transcription .com

So this is a great site to get started with now the next site is even better okay this one is called GMR transcription .com. GMR transcription.com now this site is higher-paying okay and as you see right here the founder you could view his LinkedIn profile. But he said our primary goal is to offer the highest customer satisfaction by offering accurate transcription and translation services.

Okay so lots of businesses big businesses come here to get transcription jobs to you know get things translated or just get you know the words for the videos. Now what you're gonna do is you're going to go up to careers and you're gonna click on that and that's gonna bring you to the next page but as you see there's thousands of job. You know businesses McDonald's, AT&T Levi's, Dell, Amazon working with this company. But once you click careers it's gonna bring you to this page right here okay. Now transcribe better earn better our transcription errs typically earn between 1,000 to 3,000 per month. Okay, now you're earning 3,000 from this site urine maybe another thousand from the other site that's four thousand bucks.

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The last site I'm going to show you pays out even more than this. So that really adds up okay so this is great you can click here to apply general transcription or Spanish transcription translators. I know that they pay even more for the Spanish transcription but you don't have to speak Spanish you just go over here to Google Translate and you can transcribe in Spanish as well.

Okay so that is really cool now if we scroll down no fees or experience need continuous growth and learning work from home flexibility. You can even watch this testimonial of this lady that you know has made hundreds even thousands of dollars per month doing this. This is recommended by lots of different websites flex jobs full time jobs for moms, full time jobs at home. the work at home wife okay.

You could see that there are lots of people earning paychecks and enjoying their transcription jobs okay. So you can go ahead and apply here this is the second site and it's a great way to get started. Now the last site okay this is the best site out there the most reputable transcription site out there and that is rev.com. Rev.com okay this is where I have personally gone and spent thousands of dollars on transcriptionists meaning.

How to earn money with Google

You could have been on the other end of that. I would have been giving you money right to do transcriptions for youtube videos for you know promo videos for videos on that I'm running for advertisements right and they charge the most because they have really fast turnaround times. You know they have bigger businesses coming to them CBS Viacom PBS right really big businesses coming here.

You know getting transcription services so what you can do is apply on this site to become a transcriptionist. Now they're giving this how much they charge right one, dollar twenty-five per minute and foreign subtitles. They charge even more three to seven dollars per minute so you can see how that can add up exponentially.

So what you're gonna do is you're gonna scroll all the way down and you're gonna go to careers. Alright careers right here and that's gonna open up the freelance jobs. Alright so we can see freelance jobs work home from home with Rev earn money transcribing or captioning from home.

So you can do this from home, from anywhere in the world. All you need is Google Translate, right maybe a computer or even your cell phone and this site right here. So create a flexible work schedule right you can choose from hundreds of jobs every single day as much as you want and get paid weekly. Receive weekly payouts via PayPal for all work completed at Rev.com.

That is really cool so as you see right down here transcriptionists earn 30 cents to $1.10 cents per minute and captioners. Earn 54 cents to $1 -10 cents per minute now. If you scroll down to know a foreign language alright subtitler one dollar fifty to $3.00 per minute. So this is what you can do is the foreign language because you don't need to know the other language as long as Google Translate does the work for you.

Okay you can get paid out big as you see right here we could see that Tiffany says. I'm thoroughly pleased with the company as a stay-at-home mom have been looking for a long time for a legitimate part-time job at home to earn some extra money. Occupy my brain and stay fresh in the workplace right Kiera said my first week I made 70 bucks my husband gave me the I believe. It when I see it you know lots of people doing this as a side gig or even a full-time gig.

This person says I work 30 hours a week as a legal secretary and do Rev part-time and they've been featured in the penny hoarder Forbes and Business Insider. So as you see very legit site to get started with now. This is a great way to maybe earn a few hundred bucks per day but you're constantly having to trade your time for money okay if you're someone who wants to earn maybe over a thousand dollars per day and not have to put in all of this work.

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Applying to all these jobs and hoping that you get accepted. That's going to show you exactly how I'm earning over a thousand dollars per day no experience required no degree required right and this is something that you can start up today. Okay so make sure to click that first link down below this post and then enter the $50 cash giveaway that I'm doing this Friday.

How to earn money with Google

Okay so all you have to do is subscribe to the site and turn on the notifications by clicking the bell okay that's going to immediately notify you when I do that announcement. Number two comment on my next five post including this one the longer comments the better okay you can comment as many times as you want that will even increase your chances. Share my video by clicking the little share button, share it on social media leave a thumbs up. You can watch on additional ways to make money online click one of those and I will see you in the next one take care.

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Monday, 1 June 2020

Earn money in Philippines


Earn money in Philippines, 4 Ways to earn

Hey guys some dozen welcome back to my site and in this post I'm gonna talk about side jobs while you're living in Japan. So if you're here as a student or come with a special visa.

Earn money in Philippines

You still can work certain hours of course. You need to check it before you start working but certainly if you might find some job that pays you cash.

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Uber eats

First thing first, of course, uber eats. You probably know uber eat it's pretty popular in Japan. As well but in my city, we don't really have uber eat. Maybe it will come sometime but if you live in bigger cities like Kyoto, Tokyo.

Earn money in Philippines

I don't know Kirishima you might find a job as an over its driver delivery man. So and if you have a bicycle or bike. I think it will be faster and you can make more money by having your vehicle.

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So yeah over it all right next one is Upwork. Up work is a website where you might find like full-time work or part-time work and depends on the project you might work on. Buy projects I mean you might be hired for certain projects or some small job. That might require like they pay per hour.

Earn money in Philippines

So it differs but you might check before you start your job and it pays well. But I think living in Japan especially in big cities you need, you know more than two-three thousand dollars. If you want to support yourself and you know have a like some investments in the future. But Upwork if you currently live in India or those developing countries in Pakistan. I think it's a great way to start because most of the companies are located in developed countries like Canada, U.S.

So in Europe, so that's why you might get a salary like. If you work in the U.S. Let's say up work is pretty popular and if you want a smaller gig.

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The next one is Fiverr and Fiverr is a great way to basically order anything you want, any service you might create. Some you know thumbnails for YouTubers or something like that or create music for basically. Starting from five dollars and you might increase your fee.

Earn money in Philippines

So that's why I think for smaller gigs Fiverr is pretty good. I also use it sometimes for translations and yeah you might start from Fiverr.

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Freelance photography

Alright, forth freelance photography you might think it's pretty hard to like. You know taking photos and in Japan to find this work, but to be honest like you can start from. You know taking pictures for your friends and you know starting from your portfolio. Because I think if you provide this service to your friends first.

Earn money in Philippines

You know you might create networking from that so I think freelance photography is also good for online business. You know about stock photography right, so you can offer or sell your photos online of course. It became way hotter than before but if you have something unique and you live in unique you know place especially in Japan.

You might consider going into those unique places like Fushimi inari in Kyoto or in Tokyo, in Shibuya. You might take some weird pictures and you know you might earn a lot of money from that. It can be happy but you can also earn from that. I think it's perfect.

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Next, we have cambly and I talkie so those services for teaching languages online and of course, you can do teaching face to face. But if you are an introvert and you don't want to.

You know go out of your room, your shitty Komori but you still want to earn some money. You know you need to eat you need to do something. You might consider teaching language that you speak right.

If you're native in I don't know Hindi or some Nepali, Russian. You still might find work in this. Those services in my opinion like I talkie is also pretty good. I used it a lot and I was a partner. You know I was a Fiat partner with them. So that's why I think it's pretty good.

Earn money in Philippines

You can help your student's online students for exams if you're still learning Japanese. You know you also might put you know there are requirements. You don't really need a diploma but it's good if you have Alts or TOEFL or JLPT. Yeah, you will be more you know you have some credentials to teach language but of course, you might start from basic and help your students to their language.

That you speak and the last one, in my opinion, is one of the best ones. Because you can earn a lot from doing that and studying. But of course, you need language ability. It's good if you have like proficiency in Japanese and that's why you might connect with companies.

Actually, you can find a lot of you know inquiries in gaijin pot and the website where you can find some information about that better Chester. Basically, you need to be a tester for IT companies mostly test out some software or website and then you can write them your review or debug or those kinds of things.

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Yeah, you don't need to be professional you don't need to be an expert. You just need to pretend your user and you're using this app or service. By like helping also those companies yeah Facebook or any other software. Big companies you might start from that right that was what I thought one of the not easiest.

Earn money in Philippines

But one of the best ways to earn extra money while you're a student and you have some extra hours. Yeah instead of doing nothing you can invest in those things and in the future, of course, you might try other things. So if you enjoyed this video please leave a comment maybe other side hustles and jobs in Japan.

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